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 All That Is Left Behind; a zombie survival story. (by dylan56 and lovelyzombie)

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PostSubject: Re: All That Is Left Behind; a zombie survival story. (by dylan56 and lovelyzombie)   Sat Aug 25, 2012 4:54 am

“Oh for fucks sake.” Danni growled, jamming the gun back in its holster. “Get your ass moving, Nurseboy!” She snarled as she brushed past him, Minos hot on her heels. The pair quickly made their way to the car and the screaming Cameron. A hard hand shoved Cameron and Hannah away. She leaned in close to the car’s window and peered inside.

A younger woman, clearly dazed and in pain sat in the drivers seat. “Minos, up.” The command brought the dog up and his front paws rested on the open window. He stuck his nose into the car and after a few moments he jumped back down and looked up at his mistress expectantly. No signs. “She’s clean.” With that the former gang member reached into the car and held out a hand to the girl inside. “You’ve got ten seconds. Take our help or become lunch for the deadheads. Your choice.”

She cast a fast glance over her shoulder to check on the coming hordes. If the girl didn’t take her hand, then good. She’d make excellent bait.
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PostSubject: Re: All That Is Left Behind; a zombie survival story. (by dylan56 and lovelyzombie)   Sat Aug 25, 2012 8:48 am


Hannah felt the big hands of Cameron on her again and the sensation of being yanked out of the window. Hannah was placed firmly on the ground and was about to yell at Cameron when she realise what he'd said. "She's infected?" she said incredulously, "but how? she was driving a car.. I thought it was instant if you were bitten.."

But before she could get answers, Danni had taken over and rudely pushed her an Cameron back. But before Hannah could speak, Danni had her dog up in the window of the car sniffing for the virus... The dog was back out of the car after a minute and Danni gave them the all clear for this girl in the car...

"Wait a minute!" Hannah yelled to Danni, "How the hell can a dog tell if someone is infected?!"


Cameron was shoved back moments after he pulled Hannah away. He turned to look at Christian to see what he'd do. He was the nurse after all and he'd probably know more about this than anyone... But Danni had her dog sniffing the scene and they'd been given the all clear that this chick in the car wasn't infected...

Cameron listened to Hannah as spoke, and she brought up the good point of how could the dog smell the virus... He knew some animals were sensitive similar stuff but could her dog be that sensitive...? Cameron didn't care anyway.

"She's right" Cameron growled as he pulled Danni back out of the car. "I don't trust that just because some mut doesn't maul her that it means she's not infected." Cameron looked into the car, "she's a mess anyway... whatever happened to her leg she's only going slow us down".

Cameron knew he sounded harsh, but reality was they didn't have time to **** around, the zombies were beginning to swarm bad up the street. "I say we leave her... she nearly killed Hannah - even though she was an idiot - but she's also hurt badly and its gonna take a minute or two to get her out and we could be gone by then..." Cameron huffed again... he looked at Christian, "its up to you"
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All That Is Left Behind; a zombie survival story. (by dylan56 and lovelyzombie)
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