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 Writing Rules

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PostSubject: Writing Rules   Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:22 pm

Writing in itself has its own set of rules, please read before you post.


Anything can be borrowed, but proper attribution must be made.

Post your own fics!

Even though you may have permission from the author to post their fics, such advertising is not allowed. You can always recommend fics which you find interesting to your friends via PM.

Do not ask your friend to post it for you either or it'll get very confusing for readers. It's your story, you are the one who is supposed to update it. Even though you're the best of friends and you gave them permission to do so.


Ratings should be K-T (G -- PG-13) only. As New Worlds RPs is intended to be family-friendly, anything with a rating over PG-13 isn't allowed.

Fan fiction threads should contain the following: Title, Ratings, Update information. Authors may also want to include codes such as: mystery, romance, angst, drama.

Example thread title: "Katana Katara - [PG-13] [Updated 9-23-06]

What does each rating mean? We received feedback that some authors are not too sure which rating is suitable for what kind of story so here are the links provided to clear things up.

K to T ratings
G to PG-13 ratings

Poetry threads need to have a rating.

Any work in this board, regardless of whether it's poetry or stories, needs to have a rating.

One thread per story.

Real simple, right? One thread per story! Do not post a thread for each chapter or parts of chapters.

Only post complete works/chapters.

Do not post half-completed chapters. Any chapter viewed as a poorly disguised bump will be removed. Any added chapter that is less than one hundred words in a multiple chapter story will be viewed as a poorly disguised bump and will be treated with removal of the post and a warning. A second warning will result in a two-day ban. See "bumping threads" below.

No bumping threads.

Bumping threads is randomly posting in your own thread to get it to the first page again. This is considered annoying on its own, so make sure that your thread meets the guidelines below:

No soliciting readers via PM.

This is considered spam and it is rude. Do not randomly PM people who visit the the Fan Fiction asking them to read your fic. Stories are not meant to be popularity contests to see who scores the highest readership. Well written fics will naturally be spread by word of mouth. If you're not getting the number of readers you want, then revise your writing style, check whether you're making any mistakes.

Any author who is found to be spamming via PM will be disciplined.

All posted work must adhere to proper punctuation and grammar. All authors desire comments and feedback. It is up to the author to make their contributions clear and concise. Here is a link to help budding authors and storytellers create with confidence:

Credit goes to for rules.
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Writing Rules
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