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 The Official Rules

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PostSubject: The Official Rules   Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:05 pm

Respect the rules! If you break them, you could receive suspension or even a ban from the site.


1. Respect other users of this forum

If your post insults or flames another user, or fails to contribute positively to a discussion, reword/edit it or simply refrain from posting it. Disobeying this rule results in a warning, and possibly a ban depending on severity.

(Note: If you have a problem with someone, discuss the matter using Private Messages. Personal arguments will be removed.)

2. Listen to the Administrators and Moderators and please do not armchair mod.

This is general common sense. Do not ignore them if they issue you a warning, as doing so will earn you a one-way ticket to Ban Land.
If you are not a mod, do not act like one. There are people in this forum whose job it is to keep order. If there is a problem with one of the other members, let the admins and/or mods handle it.
If you receive a public warning and want to discuss it, then PM a staff member. Do NOT respond in the string. We are not interested in public conflict.
Do NOT make public comments on disciplinary action taken by the staff against other users. Generally, if you are not involved it is NOT your business. However, if you think the staff member made an error or overlooked something, then PM the staff member in question, but remember that all disciplinary decisions are ultimately up to the staff.

3. Do not use explicit/swear words or post inappropriate material

Except for RP's that are rated M you may not swear or post indecent material in the main discussion or forum boards. This includes hateful, discriminatory, or pornographic material and words. Do not attempt to bypass the word-filter, either. Doing so shows a complete lack of respect for this rule and you will be issued a warning.

4. Make your posts clear and easy to read

This means using proper English and grammar. The purpose of this rule is to maintain a forum that is easily understandable by everyone.
Do not use sTiCkY cApS, 1337 5p34k, ALL CAPS WHILE TYPING, or excessive Smiley icons .
No "AOL speak" (example: "U R 2 kewl 4 skool"), and please no long strings of unbroken characters (such as twelve or thirteen exclamation points in a row). The latter causes broken thread tables, which makes it difficult for members to read the entire thread page. Posts that do not follow this rule will be immediately edited and you will be given a warning.

5. Be respectful of a thread creator's rules

If someone posts a specific set of rules for an RP or a game in a thread that they are creating then you must follow those rules if you join the RP or game. If you do not then it is the thread creator's duty to notify a mod and you will be warned on your first error, on the second, you will be banned.

6.Read all the rule lists before you do anything.

There are multiple lists of rules on this site and if you intend to use a certain section then you must read the rules for it first, they're there for a reason.

7. Godmodding and Mary-sues are evil and should be avoided.

Respect the other Roleplayers and avoid taking over a thread. Do not kill anyone's character or force them to do anything without the permission of the person who made the character.

8. Please do not post more then two roleplays for the first few weeks or until the admins have decided it's alright to lift this rule.

No need for that rule anymore.


At the moment, the only rules on signatures and avatars are the obvious. No profanity or inappropriate pictures, words, or links. Use good judgement in the size; if it's obviously too big, then change it. If you don't, we will.


First Offense
Informal warning from moderators/admins. This may be in the thread or by Private Message.

Second Offense
Formal warning from moderators/admins. This will be by private message. If you choose to not receive private messages, we will find another way to contact you.

Third Offense
Temporary Ban. Depending on severity, it can run between 3-7 days. When the ban has been lifted, you are free to continue posting.

Final Offense
Permanent ban.

Credit goes to for rules.
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The Official Rules
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