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 The Terrible Fanfiction Idea Generator Game

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PostSubject: The Terrible Fanfiction Idea Generator Game   Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:13 am

Hey! I got a great new idea for a game. So follow this link:

So anyways, take the idea given to you, and write a paragraph (or a few) about it. I'll show you an example:

Idea:Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Survivor and CSI. The story should use moving to a new place as a plot device!

The waves roared on the sand beaches of the mysterious island as the contestants gathered around the fire, looking to let in as much heat as possible. The men's clothes were teared, and their by this time full beards were filled with leaves,dirt, sand,and food. They wondered what lay ahead of them ,as they shivered in the cool breeze of the night. They knew it was time to move tomorrow, and the helicopters would be making their triumphant landing.Hitherto, the contestants had been participating in the normal survivor competitions, but they new they had something to fear in the future. All they could do was wait.

The next day arrived, and the choppers came into sight. The ragged contestants managed to get the energy to run to the beach to see this event, which would change everything. As the heli's landed, the kicked up dust, and before anyone knew it, a tall, slim young women came out of the head chopper. She had light brown hair and bright green eyes.
"Hello survivors!" she exclaimed to the anxious crowd. "A new island is in your future, away from the sands of these beaches, away from the lush forests of palm trees and wildlife. Brace yourself for a whole new type of wildlife: the island of Manhattan!"
The all stood stunned. What would they be doing in new York City, they thought. Only time would tell however, and they were all horded into the helicopter.

By this time there were five survivors left. Jose, a Cuban American from Miami, who was a descendant of an organized crime boss in the city, Carolyn, a commercial airplane pilot from Toronto. She was known on the island for seducing the male contestants, and became very powerful on the island. There was also Porgy, a male model who posed for XXL beaters for GAP. The last contestant left was Jorge Garcia, who played Hurley in LOST. As soon as Jorge shouted "I see the city!" into the echo-y cockpit of the chopper, everyone ran to the window. They all had thoughts of where they would land.
"Eh, maybe Central Park right" Jose posed
"I don't give a damn, I just want some food." Porgy responded.

Eventually where the final location for landing was a large police investigation center. The crew got put and was introduced to their new task by the female pilot, we they learned to be called Lisa.
"In the next 24 hours, the winner of Survivor will be crowned. So, you're thinkin' :What are we doing in freakin' New York?, am I right. Well, we have an interesting task for you. You will become Criminal investigators for a day.
Immediately, everyone dropped their jaws.
"You quest begins now. There has been a robbery in Central Park. Report there at once. Good Luck."
Jorge asked "How will we get there?
"I said "Good Luck" Lisa said as she walked away.

Carolyn managed to hitchhike her way to the park using her seduction skills. Luckily fore Jose, his family had ties to the New York mob, and he immediately called them up for a ride. Porgy just took off his shirt, exposing his XXL beater, and ran to the Park. Jorge just took a casual stroll to the park.Carolyn got there first, then Jose, then Jorge, and Porgy was nowhere to be seen.
"Over here, over here!" They heard a man scream, and they immediately ran over.
"What be the problem doc" Jose asked the man
"Thank ya for hollerin'!" he replied. "I'm Johan, and a large man stole my man purse."
"Is that it?" Carolyn asked? "We came here for this? You know what I has to do to get a ride here?
"Excuse me little lady, but that man purse had my lipstick in it"
"Dude, that's a problem. Respect the victim" Jorge directed at Carolyn.
When this happened, Porgy emerged from an alley way.
"Sir, I have retrieved your purse. And now i will present it to you" Porgy read choppily off a piece of paper he had prepared"
"Hey! You're the one who took"
"I am. But i also got it for ya. I win, numbskulls!" Porgy said, as he broke out into his victory dance.
"Dude, what happened?" Jorge asked"
"Look man, damn dis. Let blow this Popsicle stand"

And thus, Porgy Won. The End.


Your's doesn't have to be as long, but just get your ideas out. Write whatever you want, really.
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PostSubject: Re: The Terrible Fanfiction Idea Generator Game   Thu Aug 13, 2009 3:22 pm

A Seemingly Routine Day For Jeopardy and WALL-E

Alex Trebeck was preparing for his daily Show on the hit television game show Jeopardy! Little did he know that he was about to have a surprising guest on the show. Out at his podium there stood a small trash compacting robot named WALL-E. When Alex Trebeck finally came out the applause roared for the famous host. WALL-E's clap was a clanky sound, as would be expected from a robot. Once WALL-E was introduced many people stared at him, including Alex Trebeck, he wondered what a Robot was doing here. But they played through a few rounds of the game, until people realized that WALL-E could not speak. Suddenly a hologram shot out of WALL-E's chest, R2-D2 style. The face that appeared said. "Alex Trebek, I have sent this robot to the past to retrieve you, Alex Trebeck, and take you to your future, and our present, for you are the chosen one, and the only one, along with this small robot to stop the destruction of the universe." Alex Trebeck only nodded. "I knew this day would come." he said, and then WALL-E drove up next to Alex Trebeck. "WALL-E take us to the future." he ordered. WALL-E replied. "What is, it's time to whoop ass!." he somehow managed to get this out of his low vocabulary. Then I'm a little teapot began to play, and a portal opened up sucking both Alex Trebeck and WALL-E. It was time to head to the future. What will happen to our heroes? IT'S A CLIFFHANGER!
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PostSubject: Re: The Terrible Fanfiction Idea Generator Game   Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:17 pm

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Left Behind and Mystery Science Theater 3000. The story should use tentacle rape as a plot device!

(0.0.......I'm in for it, aren't I? OK, I'm going to go drink as much caffeine as possible and I'll be back.)

Mike, Servo, and Crow sat around the Satellite of Love bored out of their minds, wonder why they hadn't received a movie for awhile. it was peaceful and quiet until 2 people came storming in through the window landing on the floor. A man and a Woman. The an stood and Rushed to Mike.
"Hello I'm Buck Williams and this is my wife Chloe, we were trying to escape from earth when something attacked us!." He yelled.
Mike pushed Buck off of him. "Hey calm down. now why do you need to escape fro earth in the first place?"
"Long story." Buck said and looked out the window. "Please you have to move this thing or it will get us!"
Then, Chloe screamed.
They all looked back and saw that hundreds of tentacles had wrapped around her and started doing unspeakable things.
"Chloe!" Buck yelled and ran to help but was kept at bay by the writhing mass. He stood back up and watched with a mix of horror and disgusts with the rest of the.
"Wow, I didn't know that was possible." Crow said, amazed.
"Is the spine supposed to bend that way?" Tom asked.
Mike's eyes widened. "That's not it?" He asked.
Tom shook his head. "Of course it is! Here let me show you."
"Get off me!" Mike yelled.
Suddenly Chloe chimed in. "Ah! Buck...Oh!...will you....Ga!...stop goofing...Wu! and!!!"

(Ok I'm done.......I feel unclean......)
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PostSubject: Re: The Terrible Fanfiction Idea Generator Game   Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:52 pm

"Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining My Little Pony and CSI: Miami. The story should use a party as a plot device!"

It was a seemingly normal day. The sun-sparkle hills sparkled in the sun. The lollipop meadows look yummier than ever. However, that was all about to change.

Minty's Birthday party last night, went off seemingly without a hitch.

Starcatcher was on her morning canter through the forest of hopes and dreams. She was contemplating her role as the most beautiful little pony ever... Then she spotted under a pile of happiness leaves, something. not. so. happy.

Fade to black


Later that morning

As horatio walked down the buttercup path, what he came across was never what he would have expected. The scene was a mess. The team were doing their best to stop the civilians from seeing too much, but that was hard.

Rainbow Dash... It was horrible. It was hard to say what had happened. But the hoof marks to her right jaw was pretty significant in saying that she had been stamped to death.

"Get me diagnostics now, and forensics... I want to know everything about what happened here" Horatio yelled.

It was a tough case... how would he crack this... then he spotted the pony that discovered Rainbow Dash. Starcatcher..

"So you say you were on your walk when you found her right?" Horatio asked
"Yes.. I was taking my morning stroll through the forest"
Horatio glanced with an unbelieving stare "You walk through the forest regularly do you?"
"Um.. yes" she replied awkwardly...
"Ok.. I find that a little odd... a pegasus pony WALKING through a forest... I know I'd fly if I were a pegasus pony..."
"Oh. well.. normally I would fly.. but today I..."
He cut her off "Normally you would fly? I though you said you regularly walked this forest?"
"Come on now.. tell the truth?"
"What i mean to say is?"

Starcatcher broke down...It was time for the truth...


Starcatcher begins to narrate;
We were all at the local stable last night... Minty's party...
It was Minty's birthday, and we were all drinking liquorice-beer.
Rainbow Dash and I were talking, away from everyone else. She told me she knew about my secret... That I wasn't really a pony...

Starcatcher pauses.

That... I.. I am horse!

Back to present

"So you killed her... to keep your own disgusting secret"
"I didn't mean to... one thing led to another.. and after all that liquorice-beer...."
"You had words... i get it... you didn't want anyone to find out you were different..//
"So you stomped her to death..."
"No.. I.."
"Her little pony body wouldn't have stood a chance against your horse-feet."
Starcatcher breaks down into a fit of wish-tears...

"Take her away boys... she's got a long time in cherry-sundae prison to think about what she has done..."


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PostSubject: Re: The Terrible Fanfiction Idea Generator Game   

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The Terrible Fanfiction Idea Generator Game
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