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 Fish Finders: The radio serial [Current Episode: Part 15, Season One]

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PostSubject: Fish Finders: The radio serial [Current Episode: Part 15, Season One]   Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:01 pm

Fish Finders, the Radio Serial is a dramady-adventure radio podcasting serial (mouthfull, isn't it?) created by and starring Joel Davidson, Jared Wyce, and Thomas "Y2K" Heubel. It concerns two marine biologists turned adventurers, who are hired by the CIA to stop a terrorist from endangering the world's oceans.

Listen at

(yes we know the episodes are out of order, the site is being weird, just follow the numbers.)

please give your comments on the show.

Episode summaries.
Fish Finders, Season One, Part 1
We meet the stars of the show, Drake Jersh and Nick Ryan, as they do their everyday jobs at the aquarium, and meet a mysterious stranger, right before they're called back into action.

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 2
Drake and Nick's depressing life are interrupted when they realize they must save the life of a girl trapped out at sea with a shark, and it is jarred even further when they receive a strange note from an unknown person.

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 3
Strange things regarding a small island in the Atlantic Ocean take place in different places around the world, and Nick and Drake respond to the strange message and get tangled in a web of spies and terrorists.

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 4
We meet evil villain Roland Rafael and his henchman 5, as they land at their private island. Nick and Drake are told by Chloe why the CIA wants them to join their team.

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 5
Roland Rafael and 5 are greeted by three UN inspectors and get a heck of a lot more then they bargained for when the dead body of a worker is found near the tank of their prized great white shark.

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 6
Roland Rafael assigns 5 to kill the Fish Finders as they start their assignment, and they must run for their lives, or else!

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 7
Nick and Drake are chased by 5 and his soldiers, and they must flee on an escaping plane... which happens to be taking off on the same runway as a 747!

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 8
The gang escapes the runway and seems to be off without a hitch on their mission... yeah, like that ever happens!

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 9
The Fish Finders survive the plane crash, and try to find the rest of the group, all while trying to get off the sinking wreck of a plane they're on... wouldn't have it any other way!

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 10
Roland Rafael and 5 deal with their shark problems while the gang finds out that they're being watching!

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 11
After taking care of the hitman sent to kill them, the Fish Finders realize they have control of a vital piece of machinery at the SVSSS base... Meanwhile, Roland Rafael is forced to deal with 5's failure, and the Fish Finders' new found power.

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 12
On a train bound for the SVSSS island, the Fish Finders are yet again attacked by Roland Rafael's henchmen, and it turns out they're in for more then they bargained for! Meanwhile, Roland Rafael and 5's shark problem escalates into a down-right break out!

Fish Finders, Season One, Part 13
With time to kill on the train to their contact, Chloe and Nick talk about the past of the Fish Finders; the soldiers at the SVSSS island are dropping like flies, and it's not just the shark to blame!

Fish Finders, Season One, part 14
Chloe and Drake discover they have something together; the hitmen return, and this time, it's serious!

If the quality seems bad in the begining, don't worry it gets better.
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Fish Finders: The radio serial [Current Episode: Part 15, Season One]
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