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 Returned to a desolate planet...

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Returned to a desolate planet... Empty
PostSubject: Returned to a desolate planet...   Returned to a desolate planet... I_icon_minitimeThu May 28, 2015 10:50 pm

Everyone seems to have been busy with life, and our timing seems horrible as we haven't been able to inject life and pick things back up, and I regrettably missed the attempts by 3 years. I have been recalling RPing and wanting to as well, but being hesitant and doubting that I could be successful at keeping at it through all of my business has kept me at bay. I don't want to give up though, and am trying to reach out to the two (Casey Jewelsand Shadow Moonseye) who from what I can tell are part of the New Worlds Life Injection group. (Though "Sarcastic Master" seems to be interested as well, and I am not sure if he has left).

This is at least 3 others besides me and though small, I know of the vast RP history and passion of these individuals. I believe we could all continue here and start something, and maybe eventually bring in more people. I will make sure that the group can stay in touch with me so that I won't get lost in space again. (Even now I'm getting RP topic inspiration from this...!)
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Returned to a desolate planet...
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