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 Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)

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PostSubject: Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)    Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2013 12:50 am

You never knew it but the Earth is slowly being taken over by aliens. Yes aliens. Creatures from outer space. They came here 522 years ago and have lived among us, slowly, but surely killing the human race. They are here for only one purpose. To feed. These creatures called the Felrids feed on our energy, draining us until our body can take no more and shuts off.

But if an alien race is killing humans how do we not know about this for so long? The Felrids have an ability that allows them to take the form of the inhabitants of the planet they are on. They can look and act like a human, though of course there are signs if you look close enough. Of course they had a long time to learn to adapt and change so they it is nearly impossible to tell a disguised Felrid from a human. Unless they have taken someone else's form of course. It really depends on the Felrid you meet.

Of course the Earth is not completely defenseless either. You see a witch or a wizard - no one is sure which - came here a hundred years before the Felrids did their silent invasion. This being was able to see the potential of Earth and the potential of magical ability in us all and so stayed in our dimension. They found out about the alien invaders when they were attacked about 200 years after they entered our world and a hundred after the Felrids came here.

So not only were the Felrids able to blend in they had someone keeping them at bay. Sadly the witch or wizard was not immortal and using so much of their magic drained them. In the year 2002 they were nearing their end. Worried that once they were gone the Felrids would be able to strike harder on the humans and knowing they were not powerful enough to kill the five leaders of the Felrids, the witch or wizard took six normal items and imbued them with their powers. Each item holding a different power were set out and found by six between the ages of five and twelve. For ten years these chosen six had no idea about the power they possessed or the alien invasion.

But now it has been ten years and the Felrids are getting impatient. They want to take over the Earth, able to feed as they want without worry. A plan is brewing among the leaders. Also the six chosen humans have all somehow made their way to a small town in the country of Malta. Their reasons are their own, their origins different. But they are not alone in this town. The Felrids know they are here and know they have the powers of their enemy. They will do whatever they must to destroy the threat and be free to take over the Earth.

You are one of the six. You have the power and potential to rid Earth of this invasion before it is too late. You may not know how to use your power or even who these others may be, but you know that you must accept your destiny if you want to live. The choice is your's. The power is your's.

And everyone is in danger.

Whoo~ Anyways to help some of you out here are some information about the powers, Felrids and other assorted things.


The Felrids are an alien species that had made it onto Earth about a hundred years after the witzard had come here. They are an ugly looking species but have the ability to change form and so appear human so that they can move around freely, usually taking on a form of an actual person though they can alter the form to look different, though the less powerful they are, the less they can change. They came to Earth to feed on us. When they drain a human of their energy, the human will no longer be able to move or function and eventually the brain will shut off and kill them. There is no way to reverse this once the Felrid has fully eaten, but the sooner they are interrupted and pulled away, the more chances of the person surviving without much damage.

The Felrids each have a rank, up to five. Rank one and two are relatively weak and work for the stronger ones, leading humans off to their doom or scouting out an area. They cannot defend themselves well as they are physically weak and have a medium intelligence. Rank two is a bit stronger than one and usually they come in pairs of 1/1/1, 1/2, 2/2 or even 2 by themselves.

Rank three are stronger and smart and tackle the more harder humans. They can alter their form pretty well and take damage well enough to escape normal humans without too much energy. They tend to be by themselves and watch over 1s and 2s on their missions. They are still in the same job position of getting humans or finding a good area, but tend to be sent to harder areas and work on harder humans.

4s usually work in pairs too but do not go out too often unless it is necessary. They are very weak to attack but are incredibly smart and are planners and strategists of the group. They make the plans, send the lesser ones out and the like. They are also strong psychically able to alter memories of humans (though strong willed minds are harder to change), erase memories if need be, sense where other Felrids are and if they are okay, and if needed, harm people though this takes up a lot of energy and so they need to feed often.

Lastly at the highest rank are the 5s. There are few of them and they are the strongest in all categories but are rarely seen. They can go weeks without feeding as well and usually do not hunt down humans unless they have a specific need to do so. They are usually in the background and they work the invasion. There will be five of them in the RP. They tell 4s what to do and command 3s sometimes as well but rarely associate with anyone lesser than 3. They keep track of where all the Felrids are, how much energy is consumed or stored and the number of humans. They are extremely hard to kill and completely manipulative, able to get into almost anyone's head but are lazy and tend not to interfere directly unless it is necessary.

They will all be NPC for now. I may open the five 5s later in the RP if anyone is so inclined to play one.

The Six Powers

1. They can increase their strength and endurance, able to lift a significant amount and able to take a good deal of damage. (Beginning level: They can only lift their weight plus half and not for a long time (bout 10 minutes) they can take blows from punches, kicks and other physical blows for about 15 minutes of fighting depending on the person they are fighting and can half take blows from blunt objects)
2. They can summon any weapon at will. (Beginning level: They can summon knives, small blunt objects (like household items or a brick), chains and bats. No guns yet)
3. They can use blasts of energy to attack. (Beginning level: Able to singe clothing depending on closeness to person, give first degree burns and cause person to be knocked backwards several feet. Punches and kicks with it are doubled)
4. They can use minor telekinesis and have slight foresight when fighting, able to sense what an enemy will do. (Beginning level: Able to sense large movements or chances in action when fighting but not smaller or subtler ones. Able to lift person three inches off the group, objects a few feet, able to throw person back a foot or a foot and a half, able to throw objects as if they were normally being thrown)
5. They can shift from one place to another and also shift items as well. (Beginning level: Able to shift items five feet from original area. Able to shift self ten feet from original area and only to a place they have seen and know)
6. They can draw elements to themselves and use it to strike. (Beginning level: Must have a large enough source to draw from and can only take a small chunk (like can use a flame from a candle but cannot take a sink full of water. Must have great concentrate when using it.)(Taken)

Each power will be accessible through an item. Your character must be wearing the item to be able to access their power though later this may change as they use it more and more. For instance my character's power will be in a necklace.


The RP begins in Malta. Here is some info for it:

I have not specified the exact town it begins in but if you think one is suitable go ahead and tell me. Your character can be from any country or place as long as you can play them well in regards to that culture. We will also move to different places in the RP itself, sometimes going to one character's home or to another place. We will not move very often though but we will most likely move quickly out of Malta once the RP picks up.

Feel free to ask questions about things you do not understand.

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PostSubject: Re: Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)    Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2013 12:55 am

So, do we just claim powers then...? If so I claim the teleportation one.
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PostSubject: Re: Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)    Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2013 12:57 am

1. No god-modding.
2. Your character's powers must be realistic. They must begin where I have said but can grow at a reasonable level. And I mean reasonable. They can't suddenly be all powerful a week later. Also remember you have just discovered these powers. Accidents will happen with them. You will not be able to fully control your power or know how it works completely right off the bat. Mistakes must be made if these characters are to learn anything.
3. Like I mentioned no one can take a Felrids. No rouge one, no half-Felrids. They are completely off limits except as NPCs. Also no one from the witch or wizard dimension either. Not yet at least. You can only take humans.
4. You may up to two characters and you can take characters that aren't the heroes.
5. Have fun and be creative with your character. But be realistic with them. Not everyone is going to take the news of aliens well or their powers well. Like I don't want someone who is constantly freaking out and yelling and the like but I don't want someone who acts as if they knew the Felrids were real and have been fighting them all this time with magic.
6. You can take characters that are not one of the six and may know something of the Felrids or just happened to be accidentally dragged along. These characters can also access the items powers but they will be even weaker than the six start off with. I am all for like MiB to be here but not many of them and like I said with the six, be reasonable and realistic.
7. This is a literate RP. Can you write at least two paragraphs with correct spelling and grammar? Yes? Then join. If no, then find another RP.
8. I will be strict as I have hopes for this RP and I do not want to see it get out of control or become something completely different.
9. Romance is teen as always as is the violence though I will be more lenient with the violence and gore. Also no Felrids/human romance. Boy/boy, girl/girl is fine but no alien/human romance.
10. Let us have fun. That means no OOC fighting. Take it elsewhere or just deal with it. But keep your fights out of my RP.
11. Powers will be decided through random luck. PM me a number from 1 to 6 and I will tell you what you got. They will not be in the order on the info page though and will be complete random. If you do no like the power you are given you may try again once but have to take the second one. Note as we get more characters the power list will get smaller.

Character Sheet
Power: (If not one of the six then put N/A, also the object that holds their power)
Home country:

Name: Annabel "Annie" Sutherland
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)  Teenage-girl-with-auburn-hair-in-a-
Power: Will get the last one left/Necklace
Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)  100_1050
Home country: Scotland
History: Annie grew up in Scotland and has had a pretty normal life there. She has a younger sister who she looks fondly upon, but Annie has always been a bit rebellious and done things her parents may not accept of. Annie is always looking for excitement in her life and has scars to prove it, always been a bit of a tomboy and reckless. She was at the beach when she located her necklace at nine. She felt strangely drawn to it and has worn it every since, rarely taking it off.

She has gotten better with age, but is still looking for excitement. She found a college in Malta is and checking it out there with her family.
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Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)    Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)  I_icon_minitime

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Danger (Sci-fi/Fantasy)
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