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    Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:32 pm
    Message by Magus1108 - Re: Katara RP
    Well, Ozai was only going to commit total genocide to the EK. And considering how long it took Sozin's Comet to go away by the time he and Aang were done fighting, it's doubtful he would have been able to scorch the entire Earth Kingdom.

    However, Ozai was a power hungry, mad dictator. This world's Bumi, on the other just mad. Half the things he does are for his own amusement. Most of the time he has no overarching plan; he just creates plain chaos. He's only a Warlord because he thought it might be a fun job to have. And he hasn't been dethroned because no one is crazy enough to take on Bumi, of all people. In a way, this world's Bumi is sorta like the Joker.

    In fact...

    Bumi has likely only gotten more insane with age. He's well over a hundred, and he's got to know Death will be knocking at his doorstep any day now. But what if Bumi thought that, if he went down, why not give the entire world one last tribute to his madness? In fact...

    Why not give both worlds, Spirit and Mortal, one last metaphorical middle finger--or something along those lines--before slipping into the cold embrace of Death? Bumi's mad enough to likely attempt something like that, no doubt. Even in the chaos that has swept the world, there is still a semblance of order. But if Bumi's ultimate plan was to provoke and establish complete and total anarchy in both worlds, for hundreds of years, if not thousands or more....

    Bumi has often been described as a 'mad genius' so I have no doubt that such a plan isn't beyond him. If he had an ally or two in the Spirit World (perhaps the heavenly embodiment of Chaos and/or Anarchy itself, maybe Koh too?) he'd have more than enough power to do this. In fact, this plan could have been one that's been a lifetime in the making.

    With all his decades of absolute power, Bumi's likely got his talons attached to nearly every level of power in the entire world. He could have built an OWL like society himself (or perhaps the OWL) to be his eyes and ears, and has them spread across the entire planet. Perhaps when Bumi has given a certain signal, these agents could enact a plan that would cause more death and chaos than the impact of Sozin's Comet ever did originally.

    And with Bumi's allies in the Spirit World posed to do the same thing (if Koh is involved, he's likely doing it for his own benefit and perhaps for more power) he could easily cause a civil war within the Spirit World to stop them from forcibly interfering in the mortal's world to stop all this. I imagine that, like in the Mortal Realm, the Avatar Spirits keep a certain balance within the Spirit Realm. If the Avatar Spirits--perhaps the very entity known as 'Avatar' itself--were to be wiped out....there's no telling what could happen, especially if Koh was involved.

    Hm. Well, it seems I just came up with an idea myself. So, what do you think?
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    Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:41 pm
    Message by SpazzyMcSpazz - Nano Wrimo
    So, you are doing the Nano Wrimo too?! Lolx3 and I are. It is gonna be fun.
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