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 Getting the gang back together

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Getting the gang back together Empty
PostSubject: Getting the gang back together   Getting the gang back together I_icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2018 2:49 am

Hello all. I know it's likely been a long time since any of you have heard from me, but like anyone I got nostalgic about my time here. I know it's not easy rekindling that spark, or finding it somewhere else. I hope to offer everyone that used to RP here an opportunity. Either to try and get into the RP groove, or just have a place to chat with old friends.

Magnus, CaseyJewels, and myself have made a place on discord where we can try and forge something new, and everyone out in the void called life is welcome to come join us. We have a long way to go, but with your help we can make something we can all call our own.

Contact me at Warboss Spriggs#3598, or PM me or Magnus here on New Worlds. Believe it or not, Magnus still has his email notifications. lol!

We look forward to hearing from you. (and if anyone knows how to contact zukoscrazyfangirl, PM me. Their email was a bust.)
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Getting the gang back together
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