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 WIP 169 Shades of Grey (Abeiya, Toph13139, CS123) *previously established in Collaborations, rated M

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PostSubject: WIP 169 Shades of Grey (Abeiya, Toph13139, CS123) *previously established in Collaborations, rated M   Tue Oct 02, 2012 7:04 pm

Chrom, a shining metropolis and an self-sustained nation-state, resides on an island, off the coast of Argentina. It is a place known for its colors. A place known to export and produce the best many various objects of brilliant hues. Make up, paint, fabric, wrapping paper, even food coloring.

This shining metropolis of Chrom like every other city, like every nation, small or large, is divided by socioeconomic status. But unlike every other city, Chrom's hierarchy is much more visible.

Many nations, especially those interested in the

Bright colors have become a luxury only attainable by the opulent. Here, the colors in which one dresses does not indicate a change in season nor a preference in hue, but the size of one's income. Even those with desirably-tinted hair, blondes and redheads, are sometimes driven by pay to chop off their locks.

Colors are faded, washed out, at the beginning of the city, growing progressively brilliant until the other edge of a highway. The richest neighborhoods, are suburbs just a short drive away from the city's most impoverished citizens, are slathered in brilliant colors, bright, undeniable reds, deep blues, yellows, violets, and more.

The poorer district at the beginning of Chrom's linear arrangement is known as Mono, for its distinct greys and washed-out blues. Prismas, the city's brutal color-discerning police force often roam the streets for violators of the now-enforced color determinations. But their presence does not obscure the ever-growing crime rate. Individual and collective incidences of violence and illicit drug creation and distribution are everyday occurrences in Mono.

The city's youths, regardless of the hues of their clothing, the tints of their skin, their hair, their eyes, all struggle with their identity. While still often defined by these, most still strive to find something true about themselves--whatever way they go about this. Through Chrom's drugs, through education, through work, through each other. Everyone has their own traumas from life and the city they live in. And everyone copes differently. But in a place where suffering and prejudiced is enforced, coping often turns into a matter of survival.

Welcome to young adulthood in Chrom.

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WIP 169 Shades of Grey (Abeiya, Toph13139, CS123) *previously established in Collaborations, rated M
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