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 Humanity's Last Hope - The Fall of Epoch

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PostSubject: Humanity's Last Hope - The Fall of Epoch   Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:16 am

2012 – The Satellite dubbed Reperio was sent into deep space.
2020 – First contact was made with extraterrestrial life. (Much to our surprise, we were able to understand them in a lingual sense.)
2023 – The aliens became known as the Kismet and their home planet Epoch.
2030 – The Kismet provide Earth with co-ordinates to their home world. Earth’s location remains concealed, even though correspondence seems positive.
2031 – Plans to build a vessel that holds about 5000 people are drawn up and Project Icarus is put into place.
2032 – The Kismet and Humans agree to sign an inter-planetary treaty that states upon our arrival to Epoch we will set up an Earthen Embassy and the trading of resources and knowledge will begin.
2045 – The selection of humans to travel to Epoch begins.
2049 – The selection concludes, and 5000 people are ready to leave for Epoch; 2000 crew, 3000 significant individuals including scientists, biologists, engineers etc.
2050 - The Primitia and its crew leave Earth, Epoch bound. (All crew and passengers, albeit androids, go into cryogenic sleep for the 30 year journey)
2080 – The Primitia lands on Epoch. Physical contact is made and the Human embassy is constructed.

Not even a year had passed, before they began to kidnap us. Unobserved at first, but soon it was widely known the Kismet had captured about 500 humans, torturing them for knowledge of Earth and in the end were successful. Shortly after the kidnappings became public knowledge, and that humans had come to the planet under false pretenses, we waged a guerilla-style war against the traitors.

Fortunately, being a cautious species, we were somewhat prepared for what occurred... The Primitia had been fitted with emergency vehicles and about 2000 humans were able to escape, but only around Epoch. Our resistance grew and we were able to establish ourselves again in secret.

2084 Humans number in the few thousands. To add to our afflictions, we are all condemned to die.

Our fate was sealed when the first humans were kidnapped... Seeing how resilient our species was to viral outbreaks and diseases the Kismet used us to create biological weapons that would aid them to dominate the universe. And as Fate decided; we were the closest sentient species apt for first colonization, experimentation and destruction.

When first captured, the Kismet applied their advanced knowledge of biogenetics to develop a mutagen virus that was only to affect us. They experimented infinitely and in their haste to eradicate us, released the virus into their atmosphere, hoping it would infect all remaining humans in hiding and stop us from ever warning earth.

But it didn’t kill us. Instead its effects were far worse...

It mutated those infected into hideous monsters that than diseased anything they managed to maul. The Kismet’s urgency to rid their world of survivors was costly. The infection spread so rapidly and was so unstable it was quickly out of the Kismet’s control and began to infect their fauna, their flora, even them. Epoch was falling.

It’s nearing the 75th Anniversary of the day Epoch made contact with Earth and in 72 hours, according to reliable human intel, the Kismet are leaving Epoch...
They Kismet are Earthbound. and going to destroy the human race by using a revised virus. They plan to cultivate Earth as their new home for when they set out, with what Kismet survivors they have, in order to silence the last hopes for humanity on Epoch, they will destroy it.

You’ve barely survived the past 4 years... The virus the Kismet unleashed has lain dormant within your body. But now signs begin to surface that suggest all humans on Epoch are doomed to mutate... A small glitch in your genetics has allowed for you and a limited amount of others to stay the virus until now...

All hope for you warning Earth is lost, for if you were to return home, the virus you carry would terminate Earth’s population, in a far more cruel way then even the Kismet could. You are trapped on Epoch, with realization that Earth is unaware of its apparent destruction.

Humanity has no way of knowing that it is living its last 30 years in blissful ignorance.

BUT… Rumours of one woman, a geneticist and bio-engineer named Alyssa Erde, are circulating. She developed the means to test humans for the virus, and by fate, is the only one left immune. Word also has it, that there is one last functional escape craft that can cryogenically freeze and preserve her for the 30 year return to Earth. If she leaves within the 72 hours of the Kismet's anticipated departure, she can engage the escape pods’ temporary FTL drive and get 5 years ahead of the Kismet.

These rumors fill Epoch’s surviving humans with hope that their home can be saved. 72 hours are counting down... Alyssa must get to that ship and travel to Earth before the Kismet reach it first... She can warn Earth of the menace approaching...

But only with your help, can Alyssa do it.

You’ll be dead in 72 hours... You can't make it back to Earth; you can't stop the Kismet destroying Epoch. These last days are yours. Will you get revenge on those that have brought this doom upon you? Or will you help save Alyssa or allow Earth to fall to the same fate you have? Will you be a hero or a coward?

Whatever the choice, you will die. But what IS yours to decide is whether you make your last hours count.


1-2 Characters
Since Humans were selected carefully your character can be an expert in a field... But they can't save themselves.

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PostSubject: Re: Humanity's Last Hope - The Fall of Epoch   Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:43 am

reserving a spot thankyou.
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PostSubject: Re: Humanity's Last Hope - The Fall of Epoch   Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:53 am

Alyssa Erde

Alyssa has long flowing dark brown hair but more often than not ties it back into a bun to keep it out of her face. She poses the rare trait of owning two different coloured eyes; one green and the other brown. She stands around 5'10 and is slim in her build. She wears a light blue shirt with a Primitia Science Crew issued jacket over the top. She also wears worn, light brown skin tight khaki pants and black boots. She is a rather attractive woman, but her four years spent fighting on Epoch has seen her right arm scarred from burns she sustained from an explosion caused by a Kismet hunting squad attempting to kill her and her makeshift lab in 2081. She has, since then kept her scarred arm hidden constantly under bandages which function as cometic rather than practical. She also carries with her a small wrist computer that also contains a specimen sampling syringe.

Geneticist & Biological Engineer.

Alyssa was chosen for Project Icarus in its early stages for her exceptional intelligence and groundbreaking research in biological engineering and genetics. She was later cut because she was at the tender young age of 23 and the officials choosing those to take part in Project Icarus concluded that she wasn't mature or experienced enough to undertake such an important step for humanity.

However, over the next five years that saw the Primitia and Project Icarus come together, Alyssa proved her intelligence and determination to thrive within her field as more than enough reason for earth to chose her. She was the first woman and bio-engineer to discover a what genetic traits cause cancer and Alzheimers. She also developed a medical device that could take samples of organic organisms and break down their DNA and identify hereditary faults, essentially paving the way in prevention of serious diseases long before they occurred.

When the officials for Project icarus contacted her a second time and offered her a postion on the Primitia's Science Team Alyssa agreed without even thinking. She said goodbye to everyone she knew and loved in order to be one of the youngest bio-engineers and geneticists ever, as well as being one of the first humans to live on another planet.

Once upon the Primtia Alyssa was put into cryogenic stasis immediately and so technically is 58, but she attributes her age to that of her physical body not chronological existence.

Alyssa developed the only means to test humans on Epoch and identify them for the deadly Kismet mutagen that will eventually turn them into the horrible monsters that are plaguing it. She also coincidentally discovered she is the only human on Epoch thus far that is completely immune to the mutagen as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Humanity's Last Hope - The Fall of Epoch   Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:54 pm

Oooh, interesting. Didn't notice this before. May I reserve a spot? Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Humanity's Last Hope - The Fall of Epoch   

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Humanity's Last Hope - The Fall of Epoch
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