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 Exterminate, Regenerate ((Doctor Who RPG))

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PostSubject: Exterminate, Regenerate ((Doctor Who RPG))   Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:20 pm

((Title taken from the song of the same name by the band Chameleon Circuit))

I saw that there were quite a few Whovians around her and figured I'd start this.


The Doctor. The man (but not actually a man) has been traveling through time and space for over 900 years. He has saved countless lives, and comes to the aid of humans whenever we need him, and he never even asks for a thank you. But he hasn't gone unnoticed. There are people who have met him, left in his wake as he wanders through the universe, but never forgot the strange man in the Blue Box. Some of them have even dedicated their lives to searching for him. And when the Earth is attacked (yet again) they may finally get their chance to find him. This is their story.

((I apologize if the summary is terrible, if anybody has any suggestions, I'd be more than happy to revise it))

Character Sheet:


1. Canon Characters are welcome
2. Please keep it PG-13
3. Romance is also welcome, but let's not go overboard, people
4. No God-modding
5. Mary-Sues will be EXTERMINATED
6. Any problems or questions, please contact me via PM, so we don't clog up the thread with non-Role playing posts
7. Please just read your posts over for grammar and spelling.
8.Have fun with it.
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Exterminate, Regenerate ((Doctor Who RPG))
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