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 The Name Of The Game ((Sherlock RPG Rated T))

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PostSubject: The Name Of The Game ((Sherlock RPG Rated T))   Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:18 am

This an RP based off of the fantastic BBC series, Sherlock. If you haven't seen it, I highly reccomend it. I give the run down of the show in the description, for those who haven't seen it but are interested.

The year is 2010 when Dr. John Watson is first introduced to the Brilliant, self-proclaimed "Consulting Detective", Sherlock Holmes. Watson is a former military doctor, who has returned from Afghanistan with PTSD and a psychosomatic leg injury. He is walking through the park one day when an old friend greets him. Watson tells the man that he is in no state to be on his own, but that it is hard to find a flatmate for somebody like himself. Luckily, one Sherlock Holmes is in a similar predicament. For some reason, nobody wants to share an apartment with a "High-functioning sociopath" who can tell somebody everything about their life in a few minutes. Watson thinks that Holmes is brilliant. They end up as roommates at 221b Baker Street and become fast friends. Sherlock brings Watson along on cases and together they catch criminals that police could never find. They also solve mysteries for anybody whose case Sherlock deems "interesting enough." Soon they face a new enemy. The diabolical, power-hungry, criminal mastermind, Jim Moriarty. Together Sherlock and Watson will solve cases, John will keep up his blog, and they will do their best in the face of the ever-growing threat to the world that is Moriarty.

1. No God-modding or Mary Sues

2. Romance is fine, as long as it is realistic. Watson and Sherlock I can see, but, say, Mrs. Hudson and Moriarty is kind of ridiculous. Sherlock is not a very romantic show, so let's not make it the focus of the story

3. Try and keep things appropriate

4. please try to stay in character





Watson- zukoscrazyfangirl

Mrs. Hudson-




Molly Hooper-

Irene Adler-

((If I missed anybody, let me know. Please apply if interested, I miss RPing and nobody has been active lately))
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The Name Of The Game ((Sherlock RPG Rated T))
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