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 The Mafia Story

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PostSubject: The Mafia Story   Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:21 am

Welcome to 1955, in beautiful New York City! Dine at the finest restraunts, watching the latest shows, live the American dream by being a politician, business man/woman, or a lawyer.... Or you can go into darker businesses.

Like the Mafia

Of course its a family business, but you can always be respected into it. The Mafia is booming. Drug deals, smuggling, shootouts, robberies, anything illegal, you name it. In New York, there are Four major Familes trying to get big in the Big Apple:

The Giovani's: The veteran family. They've been here ever since their elders moved into New York From Italia. They know these streets like the back of their hands. They have the biggest names around, and they aren't going to give up their City without a fight. They are known to be the the cruel and unusual. They enjoy torturing their enemies before killing them.

The Moretti's: They have started from the ground up. They've been here as long as the Giovani's, but they never started off with power. They have been in the shadow for too long, and they thirst for some power. They are known to be thinkers, using strategy to win over the others.

The Russo's: They started off during the Civil war times, selling stolen guns back to the Union Army. They are crafty, smooth talkers that pursuade rather than strategize.

The Lombardi's: They newest of them all, They started off in the 1930's, Selling food to the people in need, buy robbing others. They are wise-guys, party goers that love a good time. Don't judge them by that though, there's a reason why they got to the top faster than any other family...


1.Before we start, we need one Godfather for each Family

2. Every family is extremely dangerous. You're known for the traits above, that doesn't mean that you ALWAYS have to be like that.
3. You can start love interests at any time throughout. It gives this action a little soft side, which is always good. (not saying you have to start a relationship)


Family Class(Brother, daughter, cousin, etc.):
Role in the family:
Special Trait:
Favorite Weapon(s):
Love interest(optional):


Name: Carlo Lombardi

Family: Lombardi:

Family Class: Son of the Godfather

Age: 25

Appearance: Black, gelled hair. handsome face. Emerald Green eyes, and a small scar across my cheek. I'm an average height man, and very fit

Role in the family: Second in command. I'm also the top "negotiator"

Bio: I was a young boy when our family started rising to the top. knowing this, my Father taught me (and my siblings if there is) everything i needed to know. He also had some friends in high places to show me around. us Lombardi's are fearless! and we know what we gotta do to get places.

Personality: Always looking for a good time, but I take my work seriously. I'm a smooth talker, but not as much as the Russo's.

Special Trait: I'm very swift and agile.

Favorite Weapon: a silver Cold "Commando" Revolver used when my father was in the very same business as me.

Love interest: none

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The Mafia Story
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