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Jones Sparrow


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PostSubject: "Sub-Zero"   Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:51 am

The year is 3000. A lot has changed in the world. In 2750, After World War IV, The entire world agreed on a treaty to end all wars. And for a while, it did. In 2900, Japan created flying cars, Russia found the cure for cancer, Greece invented a self replenishing food... And the United states created the perfect weapon... The ultimate weapon was a super powerful, and super cold freeze ray. Sure, the U.S was the first to sign the peace treaty... but things change... especially Presidents. The president became paranoid, thinking the countries were going to attack. But something went completely wrong. The liquid nitrogen and a secret element mixed in with it, holding over 10,000,000 gallons erupted. The liquid nitrogen wouldn't have done anything. But the secret subject (called Subject "Sub" 0), caused not only the United States to freeze over, but the whole world.

The world literally became a huge ball of ice. The warmest it would ever be is -20 degrees. New deadly animals appeared, you were lucky if you even saw a patch of grass. This became a hell like no other. Since this happened, many cities have strived to survive. strangely enough, some of the larger cities to work. Moscow, Vegas, and Rome, and Athens are all working. New York, Paris, and Washington, however, are murderous, dark powerless cities.

In this world, there's only one rule: Kill, or be killed. There are wanderers, bounty hunters, politicians, honest good workers, hunters, you name it. There isn't any rules in this new world, but some people are trying to bring back the world people wanted to know and hope for. In this world, there is also war. There are three groups going up for control again, and so far, all are desperately losing. The U.S, Russia, and China. All say they want peace in the world, but which one is telling the truth?

The world is not doing so well. Are you going to help, destroy, or take matters into your own hands?


Country and/or state you're from:


Name: Jason Hunt

Age: 26

Appearance: Inside: short brown hair, emerald green eyes, and a five O'clock shadow. Black T-shirt, black snow boots, and green cargo pants. Outside: White heavy jacket, white snowboarding goggles, basically anything you would wear in extreme cold.

Family: None.

Bio: I was born in a very poor family in what used to be Denver. I had a very special talent... i never missed a target when i shot a gun. I was the town's hunter when i was only 14. When thugs came to our town, they killed everyone, but heard of my talent and kept me. When i was 22 I killed the gang leader, took some money, and left. I've been doing some contracts for people who wanted other people dead... Mostly, I've just tried to take care of myself, and fine the necessities. I have a weakness for people in need, but i won't be afraid to kick anyone's ass who tried to ambush me.

Job: Wanderer/Merc

Country: U.S: Denver Colorado

Weapons: sniper rifle, and a very old revolver

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