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 In Their Eyes (the conclusion--Abeiya, ConfusedShipper123, and internet addict)

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PostSubject: In Their Eyes (the conclusion--Abeiya, ConfusedShipper123, and internet addict)   Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:14 am

--a continuation of this, and the original roleplay on AvatarSpirit.Net's forums.

Quote :
Taryn looked up at Troy briefly, "It's okay." Her gaze returned to the ground. The pathway to the gate was almost freezing because of the draft from the space between the plane and the portable hallway. Taryn had had to hold down her skirt to avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment as she exitted the plane. She started toward a down escalator, toward the luggage carousel.
Kuzai and Mahri got off the plane, walking briskly onto the gate. Mahri was getting well into her character. Her face was almost devoid of emotion, other than the slight 'don't mess' look in her eyes.

Kyle sat up in his bed, slightly numb and dazed from medicines that kept the pain of his injuries from getting to him entirely. Yet something kept him very sharply awake. He had the nurse turn on his TV from the moment he'd been up, and he wasn't going to take his eyes away from it... he made sure he had access to a phone.

Christmas had been uneventful. After the time in Amie's room, he'd come here, and slept, most of the day... he tried to keep the ache from all the family they didn't have not being there, tried not to think of the condition his sister was currently in... sleeping eased that quite a bit.

Today, though, he felt almost panicked, thinking of the others... where they were at right now. What was going to happen today. No one knew what was coming for them.
Troy followed right behind her. The draft was slightly obnoxious, as they exitted the plane. He thought about the things they'd brought with them, as soon as they reached the luggage carousel; not much. They only had a few extra bags... plus everything had been extremely expensive...

Mahri was trying her best not to think about anything in the future or in the past. Only what was happening at the very moment. She didn't want to freak herself out... The previous night, she'd sobbed hysterically out of fear of the events of the coming days. She was so afraid of the Majority. Afraid because of what they'd done to her... done to Laura...

She and Kuzai followed Taryn and Troy down to the luggage carousel. Kuzai had numbed himself to this whole situation. He was in battle mode. There was no time for fear.
Taryn knew that they couldn't bring much. But they did need some things. She waited for everyone to catch up. She called the Four Seasons and called for a taxi van to take everyone to the hotel. And from there to the business district for the meeting. Taryn breathed deeply and plastered on a convincing calm and happy face. No need to look worried.

Troy knew everything was perfectly prepared for them today... the hotel, the meeting. But he wasn't sure if he himself was ready. And that was definitely a problem. He drew in a deep breath, and released it, imitating Taryn's look of calm, and trying to make himself reassured. Everything probably wouldn't go as planned; no doubt it wouldn't. But they were going to have to be ready for anything...

((Timeskip, then, shall we?))
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In Their Eyes (the conclusion--Abeiya, ConfusedShipper123, and internet addict)
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