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 Making It Work (Teen) Update: 5/31

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PostSubject: Making It Work (Teen) Update: 5/31   Tue Feb 01, 2011 5:43 pm

What's up? This is a thread for my Pokemon OCs and their ships. You will mainly find Creig Ketchem, Ash's lovely cousin in these, but I do have a few other OCs from Pokemon. If you want more info on them, just ask and I will tell you. If you have a request on who to pair Creig, William or any of them with, make it and I shall see.

First off we got PossessionCryshipping or Paul/Creig.



Someone was crying.

Creig looked around the forest, biting her lower lip. She wondered if maybe it was a Pokemon. Mesmar, her Jolteon, looked up at her lazily. Creig sighed.

The girl started to walk, but the sound of crying was distracting her. She was looking for a town and she was pretty sure that she was headed in the right direction, but the crying. It was coming from somewhere to her right.

Creig looked down at her Jolteon, as if she could tell her what to do. Mesmar of course just stared at her. Creig frowned.

"Fine. Be that way," she muttered. Taking a deep breath, she started to walk.

The crying got louder. It seemed whoever it was, was not going to stop soon. Creig kind of regretted her desicion, but she kept on going. Finally she spotted someone. They were at an angle, so she couldn't get a good look. They were younger than her or at least they appeared so. They also seemed to have purple hair and might of been a boy. That surprised Creig. She didn't know many boys who cried in the woods, but she was just starting her journey, so who knew what she would run into.

Creig motioned for Mesmar to stay where she was as she walked around a tree. It was a boy who was crying. His back was pressed up against the tree and his head was facing down, so he did not see her. Creig walked as his body shook with sobs. After five minutes of just staring, she walked forward.

"Are you ok?"

The boy was surprised and he looked up at her. Creig was also surprised. His face was full on angry, not at all sad. He looked at her as if she was the one who had made him cry.

"Go away."


The boy scoffed as he wiped his face. He was done crying it seemed. Probably only stopped because she was there. Still Creig caught a few tears still streaming down his face.

"I said get lost," he called out, being overly rude. Creig cocked a hip and shook her head.

"No way. I'm not just going to leave you here."

"I'm fine."

"Obviously," Creig said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "I mean you weren't just crying or anything."

The boy gave her a hard look. For a while they just stood there, neither one walking off. Every once in a while, the boy would wipe his face. Creig moved closer and pulled out a hankey and started to wipe his face.

"What are you doing," he asked in shock, attempting to move away, but it was hard with a tree behind him.

"I'm drying your face, duh."

"I didn't ask you to! Stupid girl."

Geez was this boy a brat. Creig looked back at Mesmar. If Jolteons could smile, she swore her's was. The girl sighed and put her hankey away.

"Now listen here, boy, I-"


"What?" Creig was confused. Was he calling her Paul or something?

"My name is Paul."

"Oh. Mine's Creig."

"I didn't ask."

"No you see here-" But Paul was starting to move away. Creig grabbed his arm and in a quick motion, she was kissing him. She could feel the gasp, but he did not pull away. In fact he didn't do anything. It lasted five second and when Creig pulled away they were exchanging confused looks (though Paul's look was also a rude one).

"What was that?"

"'t want to see you upset. So I thought that kisses make people happy and yeah." Creig let go of Paul's arm and looked at her feet. She heard Paul scoff again. She waited a few minutes but when she looked up Paul was staring at her. His stare was intense and Creig felt herself blush.


"You're crazy you know that? Kissing strange men in the woods."

Creig shrugged. "It seemed like a good idea to me. Anyways I'm not the one who was crying in the woods."

"Whatever. Just next time, ask me if you can."

Creig gave Paul a weird look and he smiled at her. Then he walked off. Creig looked at Mesmar who's only comment was a yawn. She then looked back at the boy.

"Well that went well."

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PostSubject: Re: Making It Work (Teen) Update: 5/31   Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:56 pm

I blame the ColdCoffeshipping (Paul/Barry) one-shot I am reading for this. Also my love of PossessionCryshipping, despite the fact that their entire relationship is only written out in my head right now.

Anyways this is Pro-PossessionCryshipping, Anti-ColdCoffe/Coma/Ikarishipping with a little Anti-HotHeaded/Cisco/Ketchemcestshipping (Gary/Creig, William/Creig, Ash/Creig).

EDIT: I changed the ending, so it's better.


Good Company Is Hard To Come By

Paul was not a people person, so why was he waiting here?

Growing up the boy always preferred the company of himself to other people. His brother was concerned for him for a while. Reggie admitted to a friend once that he thought that Paul was socially retarded, but there was never any other mentions of it after that, at least not that Paul knew of. But he soon came to realize that no, Paul just hated people. He found making friends to be a waste of time. Which meant that relationships were also out.

At least for most of his young life. Eventually Paul got tired of Reggie always talking about him making friends. So he let Barry, his obnoxious fanboy, into his life.

That period of time was not fun at all. Paul had little tolerance for the hyper blonde. Most of the time, Paul had to restrain himself from knocking Barry out. He also did deck Reggie, when he implied that he was dating Barry after they hung out at a cafe for a week. Paul was not that way and even if he was, Barry was so far down his list of potentials, that if they lived forever and Paul went through a new guy each week, he would never reach the blonde.

So that friendship ended up dying. Then there was the potential of Dawn, Ash's cheerleader, or even Ash himself.

But Ash was an idiot. He cared way too much about how Paul treated his Pokemon, when he should just keep his nose out of it. Paul didn't even attempt to make friends with Ash. He was even lower than Barry at times.

As for Dawn, she would never be his type, as a friend and as a girlfriend. She was annoying as hell.

Paul wondered why he attracted annoying people to him. Did life just hate him?

But as much as they annoyed him, he would rather lock himself in a room with all three then deal with her.


Creig was not a patient person, so why was she meeting him?

The girl was almost opposite of Paul. She was a friendly person and no matter where she went, she made a point of talking to people. She found it benefical to get to know people. That way if she ran into trouble, she had people who could help her out.

She thought about William at those times. Her first boyfriend. The boy she left behind and was too afraid to contact to see who he had become. After all she did break up with him when she was running away. In fact Creig had no contact with anyone from her hometown. She always found the thought of contacting them to be too....painful.

But still Creig reflected on her long friendship with William when she made new ones, hoping none of them would end the same way.

When Creig finally met her cousin Ash, she found herself finding love again. Which was horrible. Ash was her cousin! But here she was with a huge crush on him still. Creig knew her cousin didn't know about her sick ways. It was why she tolerated his obliviousness. It was the only thing keeping him in her life without him twitching.

Besides she did enough twitching for the both of them.

As for Gary, Creig loved him as well. But she found it hard to be with Gary. It wasn't his personality. Creig liked almost everything about him. Except the fact that they both were traveling different paths, that it was hard for them to really meet anywhere, metaphorically and actually. So Creig decided to not commit to that relationship. No need to cause serious heartache later.

But then she would deal with her feelings for all of them instead of even considering a conversation with him.


"You're late."

"I always am."


Creig looked at Paul's face. She could tell he was trying hard not to frown or scowl at her and it made her almost smile. But no, if he was going to be so straight faced about this, so would she.

"I'm sorry. I was...held up," Creig explained as vaguely as she possibly could. Paul sighed inwardly. Like he thought she was going to give some hour long explanation about why she was late or grovel about how he shouldn't be upset with her, though he wouldn't mind the latter and really did prefer some of the former. If she wanted to see him so badly, she had to give him a good reason for being ten minutes late.

"Someone else more important to you than me?"

Creig twisted her face into a very unpleasant form. It made Paul cringe. She was much better looking when she smiled.

"There are plenty of those people," Creig retorted, "but no I was taking care of something for Mesmar."

Mesmar, the girl's Jolteon. Paul looked around. The familiar yellow dog-like creature was not around at all. It made Paul raised an eyebrow (a talent Creig wished she possessed) but did not say anything about it.

"How are things," Creig asked.

"Whatever. I'm just glad that Reggie is off my back about finding a girlfriend."

"Told him about me, eh?" Creig winked at Paul, who didn't respond. But she knew Paul well enough to know that he wasn't going to react. It took a lot more to get a real reaction out of Paul. It took even more to get a real affectionate response. "Wait, did you?"

"I told him that I have a girl I can stand to be around," Paul said, shrugging. He hated how Creig liked to overexaggerate things. It was irritating.

Creig looked aroud as if she excepted someone else to show up. "Really? Where is this girl? She clearly isn't me. I know how much you hate to be around me." To make a point, Creig stuck her tongue out at Paul.

"Less and less each day," Paul agreed, but Creig could see a trace of a smile on his lips. She got to him, even if Paul didn't want to admit it. And he got to her as well.

"At least I'm good cmpany."

Paul looked at Creig and then a full smile appeared on his lips for a quick second. "If that's what you believe."

But Creig knew better. He liked her. And maybe someday they would both own up to it. But for now, they would take those relationships that got under their skins. They were easier to deal with than acknowlegde their feelings and letting themselves a real relationship.

"You believe it too."

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PostSubject: Re: Making It Work (Teen) Update: 5/31   Tue May 31, 2011 4:40 pm

More Creig! This is a one-sided Ketchemcestshipping drabble. It is also AU so that Creig and Ash knew each other while growing up unlike in my canon where they didn't meet until they were in their late teens.

Also re-reading my other other drabbles I want to write a PossessionCryshipping story. Should I? If yes I shall have more questions to ask.


I Do (Want You)

If you had asked Creig who she would marry when she was a kid she would have said her cousin Ash. They were close friends as a children and Creig felt that the next step would be marrying. She could not imagine her cousin not around.

If you asked her when she was a young teen, she would have replied William, her boyfriend and other best friend. But she would have made a point to say that Ash was still a canidiate if anything went wrong with William.

If you asked her now, just barely eighteen, she would give you a blank look and shrug. She wouldn't know who to answer. Or at least she couldn't form the name she wanted to.

That of course didn't stop the people of Branstown from speculating. It was mostly between Gary, her current boyfriend kind of and William, her ex, although some added in Paul, a good friend and somewhat flirtee to Creig.

But Creig didn't want to think about it. Marriage to her now was not important. Her goal was to see the world town by town. She longed for adventure and new experiences. Marriage now might hinder that all.

"Creig!" The girl smiled as a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and half-spun her. Ash was not all that strong so he couldn't fully lift her to spin her around.

"Ash! Don't hug me like that," Creig asked blushing slightly. But she only half meant it. She didn't mind it at all.

Ash pulled away and ruffled Creig's hair who frowned at him. "So what is up Creig?"

"Trying to avoid another conversation about what I am doing wrong with my life with my mother," Creig said.

"That sucks."

"Yeah, but she has her points. I mean after what my father did, she doesn't want me to do something similar." Creig looked at the ground and kicked a rock. She hated talking about her father. Ash patted her shoulder comfortingly and Creig looked at him.

"Hey you are not going to be like him no matter what you do with your life. He turned his back on his family. You will never do that."

"You sure? I already ran away from home once. What is to stop me from leaving again?"

"Because you love your family. You came back didn't you?"

Creig nodded. He did have a point. She made an enough to go back to being in her mother's and brother's life after running off. Her father never did any of that. Still it worried her sometimes.

Ash pulled Creig into a hug and Creig leaned into him, eyes closed.

"I would never leave you," she whispered so softly, she couldn't be sure if Ash heard her or not. He did hug her tighter so she leaned towards the former.

"So what does she think you should do," Ash asked after releasing Creig. "Get a job or something?"

"Married. She wants me to stop traveling and settle down." Creig did not hid the disgust in her voice. "Like if I don't do it now I never well. I am only eighteen. I have years before I should settle down!"

Ash nodded, although he didn't understand it well. It also made him felt a little awkard thinking of his cousin with some guy. He wanted her to be happy, but she was his best friend and younger cousin.

"Does she give any hints on who to settle down with," Ash asked. He could guess but he wanted Creig to tell him.

"William mostly. She thinks the world of that boy and wished I never broke up with him. She askes about Gary though, now and again." Creig smiled a little. "I told her once that I was lesbian and she freaked out. Then she offered Misty up."

Ash gave Creig a look and she shrugged saying she didn't understand her mother either. "You are lucky." Creig punched Ash in the arm and he scowled at her, but Creig ignored it. "Your mom doesn't do this to you."

"Yeah well our mothers are different people."

"Our fathers aren't," Creig said. They once had a long discussion on their absentee fathers wondering if it was a male family trait. but Creig assured Ash it would skip over him. So far it seemed to have skipped over their generation or at least slightly since Creig did run away.

It was quiet for a while with neither one knowing how to segue out of that. Then Ash smiled as if remembering a fond memory and apparently he was.

"Remember when I proposed to you?"

"With that 50 cents toy ring? Yes I do. I remember saying yes and that you promised you would give me a real one one day when we could actually marry." Creig was smiling now as well. It was a happy memory.

"I remember it was only a month after your father left. You were so upset those first weeks, crying and ranting. Going between sad and angry. I wanted to make you happy again."

Creig looked at Ash. Was it really after her father left? She didn't remember that, but now thinking about it, she could recall her days of staying in her room wanting her father back and hoping he never did. When Ash proposed it made her feel happy again and wanted.

"Creig are you crying?"

The girl looked at Ash in confusion and touched her cheek. She was crying. The memory of Ash's proposal brought up the first time she fell in love with him. Ash meant the world to her as a child and he still did.

"You should have never done it," she said softly.

"Oh and why not? I meant it. At least at the time."

"That makes it worse." Creig could see Ash beginning to realize what she was getting at and his face was a mix between uncertianity and disgust. Creig cried harder.

"We're cousins."

"I know this Ash. I'm not stupid. Or maybe I am. After all, a smart girl wouldn't be in love with her cousin."

"I never said you were stupid and you aren't. Besides you aren't in love with me. You're just feeling old feelings. You're in love with Gary or someone."

Creig nodded. The way Ash said it, it sounded like not only did he believe what he was saying but he was trying to convince Creig she believed it too. And Creig would go along with it like she always did.

"But I do love you cousin," Creig said. "And my choice in marriage will always be the same."

"Travelling first?"

"Yes." Ash smiled and someone called out to him and he gave Creig one last hug before running off. Creig smiled sadly as she watched him depart.

"If I can't have you then no one. That is my choice."
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PostSubject: Re: Making It Work (Teen) Update: 5/31   

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Making It Work (Teen) Update: 5/31
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