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 King/Soldier: World War 2

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PostSubject: King/Soldier: World War 2   Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:11 pm

The Records of the Supernatural during World War 2

It has been five years since the end of Ragnorok, in which the world nearly ended by the insane whim of a few Gods and Lucifer. If not for the brave men and women both Supernatural and Human whom worked for the now not so secret Government organization known as KING/SWORD. They  saved the world. Afterwards, new proof came to life about the Supernatural. In fact, everything humankind has ever thought of, be it Gods, Demons, Monsters, Spirits, The Fae; all are real. It would have been harder to believe if Ragnorok had not occurred.
In light of this new astounding knowledge, I had an epiphany. What was the secret history of these Supernatural men and women of KING/SWORD?  After much thought, I decided to begin with the Second World War.
These interviews and stories are not meant to undermine the sacrifices of the brave soldiers who fought and died for the defeat of evil, only to tell the whole story of what happened in those dreadful years.

                                      Chapter 1: War Sparks To Life
Club Zhao Yun, Washington D.C. Chinatown

The most famous club in D.C.'s Chinatown was empty. People would not show up until nightfall. I was led into the back office, a giant room full of Chinese painting and statues of Chinese Gods made of gold and jade set up in such a way that conveyed not pride in wealth but pride in worship and heritage. My host sits behind a desk made of mahogany.
Zhao Fang Long, or Mr. Zhao as he is more communally called wears sunglasses that hid his eyes and he was inhumanly good looking. It was the only thing that showed off that he was in fact a vampire.
As he spoke, there was no accent.

I was born June 6th, 183 AD in a small village outside Chang'du, the city that would soon become the capitol of Shu Han. My father was Zhao Yun, one of the five Tiger Generals of Shu. My mother was Fu Rei the woman history forgot. As soon as I was old enough, I joined my father in battle against the forces of Cao Wei. Well at the time they were still under the Han Emperor but Cao Cao had pretty much took over by then.  By that time, My lord Liu Bei who was leader of Shu Han had the greatest strategist in human history, Zhuge Liang form an alliance with our neighbors in the south. Sun Wu, or Eastern Wu was the largest Dukedom in China at the time. To solidify the alliance my lord married Sun Shang Xiang, the sister of Sun Quan, Duke of Wu. Though, I don't have to tell you that it was half Princess Shang Xiang's idea. My lord and Sun Shang Xiang are who put the "Romance" in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
It was after the Battle of Chi Bi, or Red Cliff when it happened. I was Twenty Five at the time. I was dying of a sword wound in the stomach. It had been night for an hour..or longer. I forget exactly, I drifted in and out of consciousness due to the blood loss. That was when he appeared above me.
"Do you wish to live?" He cooed.
I think that I nodded because the next thing I remember is pain in my neck as man bit into it.  Afterwards he made me drink his blood through a gash he made in his wrist.
And that was how you became a vampire?
Yes, though at the time thought I was transformed into some sort of Jiang Shi.

A what?

A Jiang Shi. It is a Zombie created by magic that eats life energy, almost like a vampire.
Anyway, fast forward to the year 1930. I just moved into an area in New York that would soon be the first Chinatown in the world. I lived in Atlantic City before then. I had come with the early immigrants back in 1903, So I had grown used to this Country.   My life was quiet and simple. I had learned early on to control my thirst, I never fed on humans…well not usually. Blood banks were a welcome addition to society. It comes at no surprise to me that one of my kind invented it. Goes to show that not all vampires are evil counts or stupid fledglings that eat whomever they want when they want.
[He leans closer to me]
Also, by the time I got to America, I had been apart of the Hong Kong Triad society since its foundation. In reality I was sent to America to establish our organization there. Which I did with great success! The Prohibition was the greatest thing to have ever happened to Organized Crime!
[He leaned back and his grin faded into a solemn frown]
  Then on September of 1931 the Japanese attached Manchuria. And so the Second Sino-Japanese War begun. Imagine my anger at them. They have attacked and conquered a piece of my homeland! An army of Island monkeys were brash and arrogant enough to attack China! We gave them their culture and language for Nuwa's sake!
I could do nothing. Not for many years. But when the Rape of Nanjing occurred, I could not hold my rage any longer. By that time, it was no longer rage against the Japs for invading my country. It had grown into a fury that went towards all who would do evil to my…former fellow humans. Just because I am a blood sucking monster, does not mean I have no heart.
I formed a plan. I had kept in contact with my friends whom I have known since the Three Kingdoms Era. I called Xiao Mei Hiruki, Immortal wife of the Seraphim-class Angel Sean Hiruki. At the time she had abandoned her Japanese name of Ryoko Hiruki that she had used since there days in Japan's Sengoku Era. She too was furious with the Japanese for their crimes against our people. She was and still is a true Han Warrior. The two of us…We did dark things to the Japs at Nanjing. It was a slaughter. I guess you could call it ironic. While they slaughtered the Chinese, We slaughtered them. At the time, we thought it fair. I even used my father's old spear I got from the museum. I am not proud of what I did, but at the same time I also would not change a god damn thing.

USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor Hawaii
Underneath this beautiful white memorial rests the USS Arizona. The "Squashed milk carton" design of the monument shields the large marble tablet from weather. Upon the marble the names of the thousand plus men who lost their lives on that day are immortally etched.
Inari, though she is known by all in the supernatural community as Sister Midnight stands before the marble reading the names. Her red fox eyes are filled with sorrow.

So many brave men I could not save. [She turns towards me and smiles warmly]
Hawaii is my new Japan. Though it is less like my birthplace of Kyoto and more like Okinawa. I was born to be queen of all Foxes and Kitsune. In Shinto I am called a Kami and worshiped like a goddess. I suppose, in a way I am. I have seen and lived through the entire history of Japan. I helped Munechika forge the Kogitsune-maru; I have watched Miyamoto Musashi defeat Sasaki Kojiro on Ganryu Island….I could go one, but I won't bore you.
On that day, I was only yards away sunbathing. Sunbathing in December is but another reason why I love these islands. I saw the fighters fly over me, ready to attack. When I saw their colors, my heart instantly filled with rage and disappointment. The Empire of Japan was attacking my new home.
You were angry with you own countrymen?
Of course! That bastard Tojo had perverted the ways of Bushido! He had warped the message from Honor to Hate. Like Hitler, he and others like him entranced an entire country of people. My own people fell from grace during those years.
I quickly swung my kimono over my bathing suit and grabbed the only weapon I carried with me at all times; my katana which was hidden as a simple Bokken, or wooden sword. By the time I got to the shore, The USS Maryland had already been hit, along with her sister ships. As a Mitsubishi A6M Flew over the Maryland, it was pulled down in pieces by something..or to be accurate, someone. She used the smoke and her black outfit to vanish from sight.
Lo and behold! It was a Kunoichi! A female ninja from the clan once called Koga. She was no ordinary Kunoichi either. She was not only the best Ninja I have ever known, but she was my good friend. Sagara Arigatami used thin and very long wires that were made to cut everything from metal and stone to flesh and bone. But that was not her only weapon of course.
As she dealt with the fighters and bombers and tried to protect the nearby air base, I ran across the water to the nearest, unsunk ship; The USS West Virginia.
You ran on water?
Why yes. How else do you think I got to the vessel? I had taught myself how to run on water after I saw a Basilisk Lizard jet across a river on its hind legs. It is rather simple once you understand the physics behind it.
I battled a Pilot of a Mitsubishi fighter aboard the West Virginia. I don't know how he survived the fall, but he did. He held his Katana in his hands. He knew basic Kendo, so his movements were sloppy and easy to read. My blade cut cleanly into his abdomen.
"Why are you doing this?" He asked. "Why fight against your own country?"
I glared at him and answered, "I am true Japanese. Your Empire is not my country" And I let him fall into the water. I was right after that confrontation that the Arizona sunk.

Chapter 2: Enter: America

Random rooftop, Washington D.C.

Arigatami Sagara stood on the edge of the roof, observing. She was not a typical looking ninja. She wore a simple red tank top and jeans. A black eye-patch covers her right eye and she kept her auburn hair in a tight ponytail. Her small frame and stature of 5' 4" did nothing to hide her powerful and intense presence.  When I asked her what she was looking at, she replied
My new Kyoto.
[She glares at me but gives me a slight grin.]
I know what you are thinking. 'How can her hair be that color?' And I tell you know, I am pure blooded Japanese. This hair, I suppose is an after effect of my curse. Being born a poor peasant in the mid 1500s, I had few career options. I sure as hell would not become a Geisha or simple farmer's daughter whose life only existed of finding a man and having kids. It was pure luck and I guess fate that I caught to eye of Noh-Hime, wife of the great warlord Oda Nobunaga. She was looking for you girls who would become her private army of Kunoichi. After many adventures and much training I had become a full fledged Kunoichi and personal assassin for both Noh-Sama and Nene-sama. Nene sama was the wife of Oda-sama's top general next to Tokugawa Ieyasu; Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
It was in the spring of 1603 when it happened. By then, my master had shifted from Noh-Hime to Tokugawa-Sama. Our mission was to assassinate a sorcerer who was planning to bring down the Tokugawa Shogunate. That was the last night my right eye would see…at least normal things. I had infiltrated the rebel's home and it hit me. My eye absorbed the magic like a sponge and the immense agony cause me to black out. When I finally awoke, I had found my hair to be a fiery auburn and my eye was covered with cloth.
Curses are an odd thing. No matter who or what you got it from, it acts vastly different depending on who becomes the victim of the curse. Certain traits are universal, however. The cursed always become ageless and live impossibly long lives. I guess it is to lengthen the suffering of the individual.

Well that is enough of that. You came because Inari talked about me, correct? You want to learn of my roll in the Second World War? After Pearl Harbor, I went to Washington to enlist. I was denied, of course. Not only was I a woman, but I was a Jap. I caused quite a ruckus; knocking out the recruiter and two MPs had to hold me back from doing the same to another.
I wanted revenge too, damn it. I wanted to fight against those who raped Nanjing and metaphorically raped the words Honor and the Japanese way of life. Once again, though fate was on my side. Right before I was dragged off, a man I knew walked in, cigarette in his grinning mouth. Two Star General Quincy Morris the Third walked into the room.  His grandfather was the only American to fight against the Vampire Dracula.  
"Unhand her, lads!" he roared in a booming, happy voice. And at his command, the two MPs let me go. He turned his grin towards me.
"So, you wanna fight the good fight and kick some Jap ass?"
I nodded and told him that they were no longer Japanese in my eyes
"Eye!" He responded, half as an agreement and half to correct me.
[She points to the patch on her right eye]
He then told me I was now a Lt. Colonel and I would be a Lone Wolf assassin who would be sent on a variety of missions from assassinating an Imperial officer of high rank to supporting the soldiers on the islands in the Pacific. A few times I even helped retrieve POWs.

Baltimore, Maryland
Sean Hiruki finds me long before I thing of finding him.
I had a feeling I would find you here!
He is a handsome man with slicked back blond hair and slight stubble. He wore a plain suit and tie that made him look more like an FBI agent from the 1930s. His grin is warm and honest. He leads me to a small bar labeled "The Dragon and the Shamrock" He promises me that it has the best ale in the world. It was hard to argue.
My wife had told me what she had done to the Japanese in Nanjing. She told no one else. She still won't speak of it, so don't bother asking when you talk with her. I joined the Fourth Infantry soon after she came back from China. Two weeks later, Pearl was attacked. After the training, heh like I never fired a rifle before. Fighting in both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War gave me plenty of experience with firearms. Needless to say, the aforementioned experience let me climb the ranks to Major. I had command of my own unit and by Odin I was gonna fight along side them.
After Months of training, we were sent to the boats. I barely had a chance to say good bye to my wife. It happened so quick that I had to say "See ya" over the damn phone. Little did I know that I would see her soon.
We zigzagged through the Atlantic, avoiding the prowling U-boats. After who knows how many weeks, I went up to our commander. I told him that my men have been trapped in the ship for a long while and I just needed to know what was up.
He told me simply. "We are on our way to invading North Africa"
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King/Soldier: World War 2
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