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 Poems of a Wanderer by Lucifa

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PostSubject: Poems of a Wanderer by Lucifa   Sat Nov 06, 2010 5:38 am

Hello people, I've been away for quite some time, caught up with the start of college and such. I yo-yo out of roleplaying and I still want to contribute something... So I thought I'd share some poems throughout some time Smile

Some of these may not feel like poems because sometimes it's just a personal feeling of mine that I need to share.

So, here is my first one:

An Overview of Me

I am actually very happy Smile
Life is grand for me, my outlook is positive Very Happy
I may not show it, :O
But I can't tell you why I don't, :X
I just choose not to. :S
I don't feel pressure, I don't feel sad, I don't even feel angry. Razz
But I choose to be, so I can be human, Wink
Aren't we the same? We choose our emotions, we CAN control them, ;D
We just choose our emotions so we can satisfy other people around us. 8D
But we are Always Happy. I definitely am. (^^)b

This was written quite a while ago. Probably about 2 years ago. The emoticons are actually included. I sometimes don't know why I write poems. The most obvious reason would be to express myself.

Here is my second one:

Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

At the end I see
You always leaving me,
But that's ok
Because I need to find my way.

I know it's gonna take a while
But it's worth your smile,
And when I find my embrace,
I look forward to seeing your face,
And if you leave me with nothing gained,
I'll make my journey again and again.

Haha, love-stricken Sam. Sometimes I even surprise myself. I don't usually write with rhymes anymore. Sometimes I feel it's quite forced. If there is a good oppurtunity to use rhymes, then I would gladly use them Smile

The next 2 poems have to be read a certain way. I say you should read the left poem first, then the right.

Negative Correlation

Can I?
Can't You? Selfish, once in awhile
Can I look at you? Yes, these are my eyes.
Can't you open up to me? Yes, you owe me.
Can I be with you? No, you won't let me.
Can't you give me time? No it's something you'll never have.
Can I tell you me feelings? Yes, I already have.
Can't you understand me? No, because You are not Me.
Can I love you? Yes, it's my heart.
Can't you love me? No, it's your heart.
I can. And I always will.
You can't. And I'll never understand why.
Can I accept this? Yes, it's ended the pain; my suffering.
Can't you think about me? Yes, I've left a mark.
I'm sorry, I don't care anymore. The thoughts are non-existsent.
As soon as I heard the inevitable truth
I lost my sensitivity.
But I will always love you.

Looking back, this poem makes me feel kinda sick. I don't really like this poem, but it shows just a cross section of my feelings before I guess.

Next poem Smile

Writing Poems are Hard
Writing poems are hard,
Sometimes theysmell like lard,
But you've never tasted it before
So how can I describe it more?
Is it like a fish?
Smells like sea salt, going with the flow?
Is it like a dish?
Holding our food, straight from the ploe?
I know!
It's like an orange,
Writing poems are hard.

Something of a funny one, I felt creative and tried to construct it. It didn't turn out so well, but meh lol.

I'll keep this post as it is. Next post, I'll be sharing some of my more conventional poems Smile

What do you guys think?

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PostSubject: Re: Poems of a Wanderer by Lucifa   Sun May 15, 2011 7:50 am

Post Depression Poems! Very Happy

I know You

I Know You,
You will be there for me
At the most random times
To give me hugs
and Love me.

I Know You,
You will be an ear for me
To listen to my problems
To my Cries
To my Rants
and you will hear every word.

I Know You,
You will carry me home
Pry me off the wall
In the Party scene
Lights, dazzle, fade,
and take me Home.

I Know You,
You will notice the mark on my eye,
And know that my abuse should not stand for longer,
But you will say that
'He still loves you'.

I Know You,
You will see wedding bells and white stripes,
And you will see that I have married a fool
But you will say'Congratulations'.

I Know You,
But this is all we'll ever do...

Salt and Pepper

It's funny, Salt,
You go onto chips and eggs,
And somehow I would end up on the same plate.
Your sparkling white sprinkled onto glossy foods
While I remain inside my pot.

It's funny, pepper,
You go onto meats and fish,
And somehow I would end up on the same plate.
Your cool black crushed onto sweet smelling foods
While I remain inside my shaker.

It's funny,
How we can be together on the same plate,
Salt and Pepper,
But we can never be mixed together...

(This next one I read at a Blaze Poetry thingy)


It's dark...
But it's so soothing
I feel just my own existence,
No one else to hold me down,
No one to slap me on the wrists,
No one to stab me in the back,
Only myself.

I am in control.
My right hand clasps life,
My left, draws in the blood.
My solitude is not my prison,
It is my power.

This is mine.
My lungs draw in a thick
I wade through the
I am satisfied.

You will not take this away!

Flush of blood...
A Cry...
I am born.

(A Personal Favourite)

Starry Night

Hello there, Little Star.
How are you?
I have been good,
I have your twinkling lights
To Shine my way.

Do you ever cease to stop burning so bright?
When the world spins round,
Do you sleep alone at night?
Love from the Little Human.

Hello there, Little Human.
I am good,
If not slightly cold,
But it feels warm when you haveThe whole world relying on you.

As long as I have your love, Little Human,
As long as people daydream, stare or gaze
I will always be their background
Burning Brightly,
So you can sleep another day.
Love from the Little Star.
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Poems of a Wanderer by Lucifa
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