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 One shots that wont leave.

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PostSubject: One shots that wont leave.   Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:14 pm

Often, when I'm in an active rp, I'm plagued by one shots that enter my tiny head and refuse to leave me be. I never post because they would be g-modding of the HIGHEST order. So, Instead of letting these little bastards annoy me any longer (and because everyone else has started one) I'll start dumping them here.

Mind you, these will not have the same quality control as my posts, so please forgive grammar and spelling errors, because they will be abundant (but hopefully wont make this unreadable). And there will be some spoof shots (yoie and the like), these are meant as jokes and are made horrible for the sake of writing characters....well, out of character for fun.

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One shots that wont leave.
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