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 Static Beach (T-M/Open)

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PostSubject: Static Beach (T-M/Open)   Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:46 am

In the 18th century a group of people, spanning all ages settled in a small town in Northern Maine near the ocean. All these people had one thing in common-they could all produce electricity. Something in there genes had caused this unusual mutation to occur. And so they all banded together and settled in this place, calling it Static Beach.

Over the years through marriages from both those in town and outsiders, the population has become a mix of normal humans and those who could use the electricity. Those who could do this were named Statics and were branded with a small tattoo on their ankle. Most of them should the signs at age 5 those some a little later. And there are those who the gene is dormat and they can only pass it on. For no one shows signs after 10 if they haven't already.

Over the years they have lived in peace, keeping their power a town secret for only those who marry one of them to know. But suddenly things changed. Someone on vacation saw someone shoot lightning and took a picture of it. Now the town is under investigation. Will the town be able to continue their peaceful life or will they become known to the entire world?

1. No modding of any kind.
2. You can swear, but not every other word please.
3. Let's have proper grammar and spelling as much as we can and please avoid one-liners to the best of your ability.
4. You can have as many characters as you can handle.
5. We need both Statics, normal Static Beach citizens and Outsiders. Also not everyone in a family will be a Static. Sometimes not even twins will be.
6. Let's have fun!!!
7. Be respectful to your fellow players. No OOC fighting!
8. Put sunny in your first post.

Character sheet
Static, Citizen or Outsider:

Username: TokoToTheEnd
Name: Madge Hunst
Age: 64
Gender: Female
Appearance: [url= woman&order=9&offset=72#/d2s5mdt]Madge[/url]
Static, Citizen or Outsider: Static
History: Madge has been living in the town all her life. She is the product of two non-Statics but citizens who were both extremely happy that she had the gene. Madge showed her first sign at the age of 5 and has the tattoo on her right ankle. Thoughout her teenage years she helped out at her family seaside resturant and developing her power. Madge was popular because of her good natured personality and she was a hardworker as well. After getting married she took over the resturant and eventually had a daughter who did not show the signs at all. Madge wanted to have her take over the resturant but she married a Static fisherman instead. Her granddaughter Nikki was born a few years later and after showing the signs, Madge decided to help watch over her and teach her what she knew, especially after the death of her father.

Username: TokoToTheEnd
Name: Nikki Willson
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Nikki
Static, Citizen or Outsider: Static
History: Nikki was born to a Static fisherman which is rare since they used their electricity to shock the fish which could also shock them if they aren't careful. As soon as she showed signs, her father started teaching her how to fish that way and the normal way, already making Nikki fall in love with it. Her younger, normal brother works with their grandmother who also helped Nikki adjust to her power. At the age of ten her father had an accident while fishing and eventually died. Nikki was upset and shut herself in her room refusing to use her power again. Eventually with the help of her friends and family she decided to continue fishing like her father.

Username: TokoToTheEnd
Name: James Willis
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: James
Static, Citizen or Outsider: Outsider
History: James is an amueter reporter. Growing up in New York City he always wanted to know the strange things that happened, looking for wild stories. Because of this be wanted to be a reporter, hoping he could find even more. When James heard of Static Beach and what that person saw, he headed right over.
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Static Beach (T-M/Open)
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