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 Just weird and strange occurences...

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PostSubject: Just weird and strange occurences...   Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:02 pm

Anybody want to share their weird, funny and strange events that happened to them?

Here's horrifying event that's happened to me lol:

I'm about 10 years old and I'm an ignorant little fella. I'm getting into bed when all of a sudden I hear a strange buzzing noise coming from underneath my sheets. I check and I find a massive bee crawling underneath. Already being udnerneath my streets and being a very ignorant little boy I think to myself, 'Oh cool a bee toy' and I bloody stroked the damn thing. I turn off the lamp and snuggle into bed when it hits me.

I am sleeping with a bee.

I threw up the sheets and ran out the door screaming my head off: 'ARGHHH! MUM! MUM! KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT!'

Yeah I don't even...

Another hilarious thing happened to me while me and my friend were playing Battlefield Bad Company 2.

So we're stuck near the flag trying to defend it whilst being pelted by Mortar, Shells and Sniper fire when my friend finds a humvee. I'm off running about trying to find some cover and he says to me: 'QUICK SAM GET IN!'

I turn around and all I see is his car being blanketed with explosions and I was like: 'Screw that!' and I ran off. We laughed so hard afterwards.

Another funny thing happened on BFBC2.

Me and my friend were just running around trying to find some kills until we find a lone enemy sniper. We just stood there behind him, staring at the back of his head as he was shuffling to and fro. We fired some shots and he kept retreating sideways back into the bushes. After about 5 minutes, he turns around and we both knifed him Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Just weird and strange occurences...   Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:19 pm

Okay I was in fifth Grade English around Halloween. And the teacher was wearing an orange polo shirt, now given, he was like, really large. This girl, Katy is really sweet but she doesnt filter things before she talks, well she walks into Grammar and this what happens.

Me: *sits down*
Katy: HI MR. (name withheld)
Teacher: Good Morning Katy.
Katy: Wow! I like your shirt, you look like a big pumpkin!
Me: *facepalm* I cannot believe you just said that.

At the end of this school year the graduating class went to NYC. And we went and did whatever and then met back up for a broadway show and some dinner. So several things happened.

1. We were walking through Central Park on our way to Strawberry Fields, and as we were exiting the park in front of John Lennon's apartment building:
Me: *looks up hill* *looks away* Oh god, don't look guys
Everyone: *looks* *looks away* *assorted murmurs* I can't believe he's doing that, don't stare, now THAT is scary.

Well it turns out that this particular man though it would be a good idea to tan in Central Park on the hill in nothing but a Blue Speedo, I kid you not.

2. We were going to lunch in Times Square and on our way, their is a man dragging a cooler behind him with a fish that was bigger than my head laying on top.

3. We were sitting in the theater waiting for the show to start, no we know that the show does have some mature references, and before the lights go down, who should appear three rows in front of us but the school priest wearing the boys school polo shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. *facepalm*

4. We were on the bus waiting to go home, and the priest gets on and the first and only thing I heard him say was "Tell them to sit the hell down!" It stilll makes me giggle. Hehe, the priest cursed.
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PostSubject: Re: Just weird and strange occurences...   Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:52 pm

One day I was walking around campus to my class or something, and I saw a person in a Batman suit and another person in a Banana suit. I tried to take a picture of them with my phone, but the unlocking process too to long (I had the passcode thing set), and they started crossing the street ruining my angle. I had to wait for a bus...or took awhile, and they started running. I tried to follow them, but they disappeared. My back pack also slowed me down too. You try paparazzi-ing Batman and the banana wonder with school supplies and two or three buses coming at'chya.

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PostSubject: Re: Just weird and strange occurences...   

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Just weird and strange occurences...
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