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 Dying In Growing Isolation (T-M)

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PostSubject: Dying In Growing Isolation (T-M)   Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:17 pm

Dying In Growing Isolation

Digital Monsters or Digimon. For years they have existed in our world, partnering up with chosen humans. Society as a whole are somewhat accepting of this fact, but most people choose to ignore this unnatural phenomenon. There is a peace between the growing population of Digimon and the humans, chosen or not. It is everything both sides hoped for. It is a miracle.

That was two years ago. In the year of 2012 the portal between the two worlds was ripped open. Evil Digimon crossed over and began attacking people. The DigiDestineds tried their hardest to fight the Evil Digimon back into their world, but it is hard. And then Nala, a young girl, befriends one of the Evil Digimon. It is a surprise to everyone. She says that as long as no one ever again crosses over into the Digital World, they will leave. The humans swear not to. But not everyone is truthful. A handful of humans, egged on by what seems to be a spirit, enter the Digital World. They are looking for the long forgotten Digivices. But before they can find them they are expelled.

And then it gets worse. Nala and her partner Radar, a BlackRapidmon, are enraged at the betrayal. They close the portal and together infect the Digimons on Earth with a virus, so if the DigiDestineds acted up they could kill their Digimon. Nala then uses the rest of the Evil Digimon to enforce her rule over them all.

But all hope is not lost. The so-called Spirit is on Earth as well and she has the ability to open the portal between the two worlds. Sadly she is dying and if she does not find eight new humans to help her rid Earth of the Evil Digimon and restore order to both worlds, then all will be lost.


Prolouge: My Mission

Two lone figures walked down a partly lit street. It was the middle of the night, but neither one actually slept much. They had a job to do and so other things took second priority.

As they walked they both made sure to stick to the shadows as much as they could. Nala’s pawns were out at night too. After all if you wanted to do something against her rules, nighttime was perfect. Not that either one was doing something wrong. They just wanted to be seen as little as possible. That way in the future when they did break the rules, no one could really identify them.

“Adh,” the smaller figure said in a hush tone. “Are you certain we will find one here?”

“Do you question my instincts,” she asked, smiling a little. She knew her tracking abilities were not instincts, but she always liked to tease her partner. “I mean I could be wrong.”

“No I do not,” her partner said, looking around the abandoned street. “I just want to be sure we aren’t wasting our time here.”

“Do not worry my little Digimon,” Adh told him. “I am certain one of them lives here. We just need to find them.”

“And convince them to betray Queen Nala,” he said, sounding discouraged. Few humans and fewer Digimon would go against Nala. Only humans who were not chosen seemed to not care. But of course their lives or partner’s live didn’t hang in the balance. Normal humans seemed to be almost oblivious to the chaos that was going on.

“Do not worry,” Adh said confidently. “I am certain that they will help us. Just like the eight before did.”

Adh stepped beneath a streetlight, coming into full view. She looked ahead at a small group of humans and frowned. Her partner, Wizardmon, stepped beside her, looking slightly confused.

“Do you sense something?”

Adh shook her head as she backed up and started the other way. Wizardmon followed, remaining silent. He did not always ask when Adh acted weird like that. He understood she did not like most humans. Especially being seen by them when she did not reveal herself willingly.

One of the boys in the group though caught sight of her. He blinked as she disappeared down the street. He wanted to say something, but all he could think of was that she looked kind of like a ghost, with white flowing clothes, pale skin, red wispy hair and what seemed to be symbols on her skin. The others would just laugh at him.

“Eh, Henry,” one of his friends said, causing the boy to start. “You looking at something interesting?”

“Huh? Um…no.”

The others laughed and shook their head. Henry decided to forget about the ghost girl. Maybe he was seeing things.


Guard yawned as he walked up a flight of stairs. Abby, one of the Humals--normal human--in Nala’s employment had called him ten minutes ago. It was obvious that it was Nala who wanted him. As her personal assistant, any time something was going on, he would be one of the first person she’d called. It probably helped that he was her best friend for about five years now.

Stray, his Labramon, walked quietly beside him. She too was tired, but she knew better to complain. Guard had not named her. That was Nala’s choice. If he had then she would have received, a well better name.

Guard had finally reached the top floor. When she wasn’t ruling or whatever, Nala stayed at her home. Her family owned a three floor apartment building and Nala stayed up on the third floor. Her parents have the first floor and rent the second floor. Right now it was empty.

Guard himself lived a block away. So he wasn’t too tired. He didn’t see anyone in the hallway and Nala wasn’t in her room.

“Maybe she’s in her workroom,” Stray suggested. And she was right. Sitting in front of her computer was Nala. She turned when she heard someone enter and she attempted a smile. But she looked tired too. On the screen was a Digimon’s face. Nala turned it off.

“Guard. Stray,” she said softly. Guard was not his real name, but it might as well have become it over the years. Almost everyone refer to him by it by now. “You came.”

“Of course we did. You asked us to,” Guard said. “Is there something you need?”

“Yes,” she told him. Guard had to strain to listen. Nala barely spoke over a whisper. It was a strange quirk, but he was use to it by now. “There had been repeated sightings of what people claim to be a ghost in several towns in England. I want you to go to Alcester, her latest sighting and see what you can find out.”

She then turned her back to him, a sign that the conversation was over. Guard resisted the urge to sigh and nodded. He motioned to Stray it was time to go.

“Good night Nala.”

“Sweet dreams Guard.”


Adh ducked into an alleyway as a IceDevimon passed by. She was in no mood to deal with a Digimon since it would most likely lead to a fight. She knew Wizardmon could take the Evil Digimon, but she did not want to test that. Besides she wanted to lay low for as long as she could. Instigating a fight would not constitute as laying low.

“Wizardmon are you tired,” she asked. The wizard Digimon shook his head. He was kind of tired, but he did not want to drag Adh down.

“You’re a horrible liar,” Adh said, but she kept on going. She closed her eyes as she stopped and shook her head. Wizardmon waited for her to say something or keep going. “We should rest for the night. We can locate him tomorrow.”


“Yes. The first one is a boy.”


Prolouge is over! What do you guys think? Should I post it elsewhere? Cuz I'll keep it here for now. XD But first disclaimer time!

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or anything associated with it. I do own the humans though and the story. Everything else is not mine.

Ok now that we got that out of the way I just want to say I know the link for Labramon refers to it as a he, but I wanted Stray to be a girl. Get over it. XP And yeah. That's all I can think of to say. Chapter one will be up...sometime this week maybe.

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PostSubject: Re: Dying In Growing Isolation (T-M)   Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:37 pm

Great start, Toko. Seems pretty interesting thus far. I can't wait for more!
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Dying In Growing Isolation (T-M)
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