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 Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria

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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:06 pm

Poor Hazuki, I agree. You really are a great writer, Magus. Another well-done oneshot.
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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:03 am

So. I'm trying to get back into writing again, and I thought I might give this a try. The following prompts come from a series of fifteen, but I haven't finished them all yet. But I decided I may as well put up some of what I've finished. So, enjoy! And these prompts occur in no particular order.

1: Home

In Rein's opinion, the Imperial Palace was a good home, and it sure did feel good to be back again. After being on the run from the Empire for so many months, it sure was good to be home. Even if it wasn’t quite as Rein remembered it, she loved being back in the palace. Though it had taken them quite a while to get back here, even after Nebi had become the new Emperor.

After Tsuba had been slain, the battle within the capital had still raged on for several more days. Many of the former Empress’ supporters refused to believe she had died, and had continued to fight on against Hazuki and the rebels. The palace itself had to be taken inch by bloody inch, resulting in the deaths of dozens and wounding hundreds more. For the next four days after Tsuba's death, Rein had been forced to sleep with Kegan and her children in make-shift tents. But finally, after all the bodies and blood had been cleared away from the palace halls, they had been allowed inside.

And boy, did it feel good to be back. Especially after…what had occurred during and after the siege. But Rein quickly pushed that negative thought out of her mind. She had dwelled enough on the matter. This...was somewhat of a happy time. And she should think happy thoughts.

“It's good to be home again.” she said as she and Kegan observed the new (and much better) quarters that Emperor Nebi had been kind enough to give them. So far, their new home looked absolutely fantastic.

The quarters themselves were much nicer than the single bedroom that Rein had lived in as a palace servant. Three different bedrooms, along with a nice looking living area, had been granted to them by Nebi. And they would be able to keep living in here for the rest of their lives, too! That was even better. It was much more than Rein had ever hoped for.

“It sure is.” Kegan agreed from behind her with a tired smile. The events of the Siege had also deeply affected him, but for his sake as much as hers he was trying to move on.

Kegan sighed and took one last look around the place before speaking again. “Did Atiya and the Twins go down for their nap easily?”

Rein gave a nod. “Yep. They were pretty tired and restless, considering we had to sleep on the ground the past few days. I'm just glad that Atiya has her own bed to sleep in again, now, and that Taloc and Mazin have proper cribs for them to rest in. And that we have our own bed now, too.”

“Yeah.” Kegan agreed. After a moment of silence lingered between them, Kegan cleared his throat and gestured toward their bedroom.

“Uh, do you want to...?”

Rein smiled at Kegan and took his hands in hers. “Of course. I...we both probably need to take our minds of things, don't we? I'd love to, Kegan.”

Rein beamed at him again and kissed his cheek. Walking hand in hand, the Humage led her husband into their new room.

2. Surprise

Within the walls of the grand palace in the Gaborian capital, complete and total silence could be heard in the chambers owned and used by Rein and her husband Kegan.

Rein stared at her daughter in shock as she tried to fully understand the implications of what she had just told them. She opened her mouth a few times to speak, but nothing would come out. After a full minute of silence, it was Kegan who ended up (mercifully) breaking the silence first.

“Atiya, you''re pregnant?!”

“Yes, Daddy!” Atiya beamed at him as a wide and pleasant smile overtook her face. “I've already confirmed it. In another five or so months, you're going to have some grandchildren!”

“R-Really...?” Rein finally said as she still tried to wrap her mind around the whole thing. “You're...going to have a child?”

“Of course, Mom.” Atiya drawled with fake annoyance, pretending to roll her eyes at the older woman. But Atiya couldn't keep her smile off her face for long. “What other kind of pregnancy is there?”

“...And it's his child, right?” Kegan asked, pointing to Atiya's equally happy and amused husband. Atiya made an indignant noise and looked offended.

“Of course, Dad! I'd never cheat on my husband, you know that.”

“Sorry, sorry.” Kegan quickly apologized. “It's just that...Wow, Atiya. This is all sudden...I mean, you just got married three months ago.”

“That's because we've hardly done anything else since we got married, Dad.” Atiya replied and glanced back at her now embarrassed husband, and blew him a kiss. He blushed some more and mumbled something.

“I...I can't believe my own baby is going to have a baby....” Rein sniffled as tears began to swell at her eyes. It was all the Humage could do to not break down crying right then and there.

“Mom!” Atiya protested, granting them the unusual sight of seeing their daughter blush. “I'm not a child anymore. Besides, it's been many years since I was your 'baby'.”

Rein sniffled again and nodded. She wiped away a stray tear before going on.

“I know. It's just that...knowing that we're going to have some grandchildren now is going to be so wonderful!”

After a second passed Rein added one last thing. “I kinda wish you two had waited a few years, though. I'm a little too young to be a grandmother, you know.”

Everyone laughed at that small joke. Atiya looked down at her stomach for a moment before turning her attention back to her parents. She beamed at them again before continuing.

“You know, that isn't even the best part!”

“Really, now?” Kegan said with a bemused smirk. The doubt he had was evident in his voice. “Now, how exactly could this get any better, Atiya? We're going to have a grandchild. It doesn't get much better than that.”

Atiya shook her head and held up a few fingers. “You're going to have three grandchildren, Dad. I checked the heartbeats a few days ago. Counting my own, there were four heartbeats!”

Everyone was stunned silent by that little announcement. After another round of somewhat awkward silence, Rein spoke.

“Tr-Triplets?” the woman stared at her daughter with even more surprise than before. “You're carrying triplets?”

“Yes!” Atiya confirmed energetically. They all heard an audible 'thump' but Kegan was the only one who paid it any attention. “I know they're gonna be a handful, but I bet you two sure won't mind spoiling them.”

“Not at all!” Rein energetically replied. Before anything else could be said Kegan started to interrupt them.

“Um...Atiya? Did you happen to forget to tell your husband this before you told us?”

“Why do you ask, Daddy?” she questioned with a puzzled look.

“Because your husband just fainted, darling.”

3. Letters

“Kegan! Kegan! I got a letter from Katie!” Rein elatedly exclaimed as she rushed over to her husband, waving the letter in question in her hands. Kegan smiled reply, happy to see his wife in such a joyful mood.

“What’s it say?”

“She’s doing fine.” Rein reported as she skimmed the contents of the letter. “Katie is still living in that nice estate C.C. and Nebi gave her. She says she’s living a pretty content life so far, though she does miss me and C.C. Katie’s also set up a nice healing practice in a nearby town, too.”

“It sounds like she’s doing well, then.” Kegan said. Rein nodded in agreement but she gave a little sigh a moment later.

“Something wrong, Rein?” Kegan asked with some concern. Rein shook her head.

“No, nothing.”

“You’re sure?” Kegan asked skeptically. Rein gave him a tentative glance but tried to compose a response.

“Well…” Rein hesitated a little before finally continuing. “I just…I really miss her, Kegan. Katie was my best friend, you know? It was good to have someone around I could talk girl stuff with. It’s nice having you around, of course, even better…but it was nice to have a friend like Katie. She was really good to get along with, and she really helped me when you were….gone. I just find it sad I can’t see her everyday now.”

“It was the same while we were on the run, of course, but I didn’t give much thought to Katie since I was still taking in the fact that you were apart of my life again. But now that I have more time to think of it than before…I just really miss her constant presence, I guess.”

Kegan nodded in some understanding at Rein’s explanation. He smiled again as a new thought came to him. “Don’t worry, Rein. I’m sure you’ll be able to see her again someday. In fact, maybe we could arrange a visit? You could go stay with Katie for a week or two while I stay here and watch the kids. I'm sure C.C. wouldn't mind helping you arrange it.”

Rein’s eyes lit up in pure joy as she hugged her husband. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kegan! But...I don't mind you or the kids coming along. While I'd love visiting Katie, I couldn't stand being separated from you for a week or more. We can all go together.”

Kegan smiled and gave a relieved sigh. “Good. I didn't look forward to that, either.”

Rein nodded as she fidgeted in excitement. “Alright. I’ll get started on the letter to Katie right away, then! I can't wait for this!”

Kegan chuckled as he patted Rein’s back. “Great. I’ll go over to Nebi’s chambers and start making arrangements with C.C.”

“Thanks again, Kegan. This really means a lot to me.” Rein hugged him tighter and kissed Kegan on the lips, which he couldn’t help but return. After making the kiss last as long as possible, they both parted. Rein giggled and blushed a deep red once they stopped.

“Perhaps we can celebrate early?” Kegan suggested hopefully, leaning down to kiss his wife again. Rein eagerly returned the gesture, but broke off the kiss after only a few seconds.

“I’m sorry Kegan, I really am.” Rein said after catching her breath. “Gods know I would love to celebrate early with you. But I really don’t want to take the risk of Atiya, Taloc, or Mazin walking in on us like last time.”

Kegan shuddered at the thought of that happening again. He was still afraid that poor Taloc might be scarred for life. “I understand, Rein. We can celebrate tonight, when the children are sleeping.”

“It sounds good to me.” Rein said happily. “I’ll go get started on that letter, then while you can make arrangements with C.C.”

Kegan nodded as Rein went off enthusiastically to search for some paper. Kegan took a moment to prepare himself before leaving their chambers to go find the Mage. Their last meeting hadn’t…started off as well as Kegan would have liked. But hopefully things would be better this time around. Besides, if it made Rein happy, he’d certainly bare through meeting with C.C. again.

The Half-Elf just hoped that she and Nebi would be clothed when he found them.

4. Glimpses

After a long, hard days’ work, Rein collapsed to her bed with exhaustion. Giving a loud sigh, the young girl curled into a ball and closed her eyes, hoping to get some well needed rest. Today she’d been forced to do one hard chore after another. First General Zharoff had thrown a tantrum and she had been one of the servants picked to clean up his mess, then she’d also had the unfortunate task of having to help with kitchen duty (which hadn’t been helped at all by the fact the Emperor was throwing a banquet for the Kaleesh Intendents, of all people), then she and half of the other servants spent the rest of the afternoon searching for one of the Intendent's missing children.

And finally, after all that, she’d been assigned at random to clean the mess hall after the banquet was finally over. Worse, she had to do it with the help of only one other servant. It had taken two hours to accomplish, considering the mess the Intendents left behind. Now, mercifully, Rein finally had the rest of the day off. Now all the Humage wanted to do was sleep forever, or at least until tomorrow morning. The day had been so hard and stressful, Rein just wanted to put it all behind her…

A knock at her door interrupted Rein’s dosing off. She opened one eye tiredly and groaned. The girl sighed after that and got up to answer the door. In her fatigued state, it took her a good moment to recognize who it was. Rein brightened a little and became more alert. She smiled, somewhat nervously, at the young boy standing before her.

“H-Hello Kegan. It’s great to see you again.” Kegan nodded and grinned in return. He took note of her current state, though, and looked a little hesitant.

“Sorry, have I come at a bad time?”

“No, no!” Rein assured, waving her hands in an almost exaggerated manner. “I’m fine. I’m just a little tired. Come in, please!”

She moved out of the way to let her new friend in. Kegan took a second to look down the hall—likely searching for Syrien, Rein thought—and came in. Rein decided to take a seat at the edge of her bed, and motioned for Kegan to do likewise. A minute of awkward silence followed this as they both tried to think of something to say.

“I, ah, hope I wasn’t too forward last night.” Kegan said, breaking the silence. Rein quickly shook her head at him.

“N-No, no! It was fine, really, Kegan. I, uh, just wasn’t expecting you to kiss me. But after I got over the initial shock, it actually turned out to be…n-nice.” She admitted, blushing. Kegan grinned at that admission, which caused her to blush more.

“Oh, really? Is it because I’m that good of a kisser?” Kegan asked arrogantly. Rein rolled her eyes at him in mock anger.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Rein stuck her tongue at him and slugged his shoulder. Kegan laughed in reply, somewhat to Rein’s annoyance. Once a few seconds of silence stretched out again, the Humage went on.

“Well, I’ve never really kissed a boy before. And when you kissed me, well…it just felt nice. It’s hard to explain.”

The Half-Elf gave a nod of understanding. “I think I get it. Truth be told, I’ve never kissed a girl before last night. Not counting my aunt and my mother.”

Rein nodded a little, pleased by the knowledge that they had been in the same situation. After a hesitant moment, Rein asked the question she’d been dying to know since last night.

“So…does that mean we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now?”

After she said it, Rein winced and turned away from Kegan. Gah, that must have sounded so stupid! Kegan must think she was an idiot for asking it now. She shouldn't have opened her big mouth at all!

“Well…if you want to be my girlfriend.” Kegan replied in what Rein thought was a hesitant tone. Rein looked over at him to see that he was actually blushing a little. She quickly smiled and nodded her head enthusiastically.

“O-Of course! I’d, uh, love to be your girlfriend, Kegan.” She admitted with a shy smile. “I-If you want be to be your girlfriend.”

“I’d like that.” Kegan replied with a suave smile. Rein giggled at that, both out of some nervousness and his response. Rein then saw Kegan lift up his right arm, cautiously, and slowly wrapped it around her shoulder, being them close. The girl felt her face grow red from the bold-ish move on Kegan’s part, but in the end she found she didn’t mind their close contact. For a few more seconds Rein was just content to rest against Kegan, enjoying the warm feeling it gave her.

Then the teenage girl turned her head to face Kegan, who swiftly did the same. She smiled shyly at him before making a bold move on her part, and kissed him. It took only a short second before he returned the kiss. After a quick pause, they kissed again, this time deeper and longer. Rein felt a swirl of feelings go through her as she kissed her new boyfriend. She started to lose herself in the feelings and in the kiss itself and startled herself to find that she didn’t care…

“Am I interrupting something?”

Kegan and Rein jumped at the sudden voice, and broke from their kiss. They slowly looked toward the source to see Syrien standing at the now open door of Rein’s bedroom, with an unpleasant expression on his visage.

Rein scrambled away from her boyfriend and jumped up. She nervously smiled at her surrogate father and tried to think of a way to explain this.

“Well, Rein?” The Humage winced at the tone her guardian used. She sighed and decided that there was no other option than to tell Syrien the truth.

“Um, Syrien, Kegan is…well, Kegan’s my…b-boyfriend now.” Rein admitted with a blush. The Elf gave her a scrutinizing stare, which Rein fought her hardest not to shrink back from. After a few more seconds this Syrien glanced toward Kegan and gave a brisk nod.

“I see. Very well then, Rein. I have no objection to you forming a relationship with this man. However…could you please step out into the hall for a moment, Kegan? We need to talk.” Kegan gulped at the tone Rein’s father used, but nevertheless complied and quickly followed him outside. The door was shut behind him as Syrien began to interrogate her new boyfriend over who knows what.

Rein couldn’t help but feel a little mad at her guardian, but she knew he was only looking after her best interests. He probably wanted to make sure Kegan wouldn’t hurt her in any way.

Rein put a finger to her lips, and even with the small amount of anger she had, the Humage couldn’t help but smile. It was going to be…nice having Kegan as her new—and first—boyfriend. And he was a good kisser, which was a nice bonus. Maybe if she was lucky, her first relationship with a boy would turn out alright…

5. Panegyric Politics

“So you see, Ambassador and Chairwoman Ekaitz, why I had to come to you. Your daughter Mazin and her husband simply wouldn’t listen to reason. And while I hate to go behind their backs like this, I know they both respect your opinions greatly. Perhaps you can convince them of the error of their ways?” the nobleman inquired (apparently) in a humble tone.

Kegan exchanged a single glance with his wife. Rein simply shrugged her shoulders in response and nodded for the nobleman to go on. Kegan gave her a curious look but turned his attention back to the pompous fool. Eh, it wasn’t like they had anything better to do, really. They may as well hear the guy out, just to see what he wanted to ramble about.

“Thank you, Mrs. Chairwoman. Just a few days ago I approached your daughter Mazin and her husband with an offer I thought they would find acceptable. Their daughter, and your granddaughter, Maya, is getting near marrying age now. I offered them the chance to arrange a wedding between my son, Korvor, and their daughter. My family is from a well off house, and your granddaughter would be very lucky to have him as her husband. Not to mention her future, and the future of her children, would be secured. But they both ended up turning me down on the offer.”

Kegan gave his wife another glance, and he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Rein smiled a little but she managed to resist the urge to giggle. The ambassador blinked for a moment as he looked back at the nobleman, who was still droning on, it seemed.

“….So that is why I decided to come to the both of you, Mr. and Mrs. Ekaitz. I know it is not right that I go against the wishes of your daughter and son-in-law, but I figured you might be able to make them see reason. An arranged marriage between my son and your granddaughter would be most beneficial to both of our families in the long term.”

“I can definitely see your logic, Nobleman Kai.” Rein said, intentionally interrupting the man from going any further. She continued in her most diplomatic voice. “But I am afraid we must also decline the offer.”

The nobleman frowned for a moment but persisted. “I respect your opinion, Chairwoman Ekaitz, but—”

“What my wife is trying to say,” Kegan interjected in a terse tone. “Is that we don’t give an Orc’s backside about your ‘offer’. Our granddaughter has the right to choose who she wants to marry. If she wants to marry your son willingly, than that’s fine. But we’re not about to force her to do something she wouldn’t want to do. Besides, our daughter and son-in-law already turned you done. What makes you think we’d be any different?”

“Ambassador, please, you don’t understand—”

“I understand all right. Now get the hell out of here.” After noticing the glare Rein gave him he added one last thing. “Please.”

The furious nobleman huffed and stood up from his chair. He stormed out of their living area and slammed the door on the way out. Rein looked over at him and crossed her arms.

“That wasn’t very nice, Kegan. He was our guest, you know.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Kegan snorted with an unconcerned wave. “You know I was saying what you were thinking. You can’t deny that.”

“True. But still, we should have respectfully turned him down.” She countered.

“He still hates us, either way. Besides, you know I hate it when people suck up to us. Just because we’re two of the most powerful people in the Empire, besides C.C. and Nebi, doesn’t mean I like it when people try to grovel to us. I doubt he would have cared what we thought, if we didn’t have such high positions.” Kegan retorted.

“Humph. Whatever you say, Ambassador.” Rein still gave him a disapproving stare as she continued to cross her arms. Kegan pretended to look hurtful, causing her face to soften a few seconds later.

“Oh, fine. I can’t stay mad at you for long, anyway.” Rein said with a sigh and a weary smile.

“Because I’m that irresistible?” Kegan asked with a cheeky grin. Rein made a face at him and slugged his right arm.

“Please. You’re lucky you still look cute. If you looked half as old as I appear now, I would’ve left you for a younger man years ago.”

Kegan raised his eyebrows as he chuckled. “Really now? Well, I doubt any ‘younger man’ would be able to please you as much as I do.”

“Now you’re just acting cocky.” She accused with knowing grin. Kegan grinned back and leaned toward her.

“Am I? Perhaps you just need some convincing.” He leaned closer and gave his wife a tender kiss on the lips. Once the kiss was broken Rein burst into giggles before she regained control over herself.

“Well, you certainly drive a hard bargain, Mister Ambassador. I would certainly love to continue this discussion in our quarters…”

Kegan grinned widely as he took Rein’s hand. “Of course, Madam Chairwoman. I bow to your will.”

“…But I have a meeting to attend to today, in another hour. And I’m sure you have some duties that need to be done as well.” Rein finished, lightly prying Kegan’s hand off her own. Kegan pouted in response.

“That’s no fair, teasing me like that.”

“Well, I am sorry for that dear. But I suppose that’s what you get for teasing me throughout the years.” Rein replied and gave her husband a smirk. She kissed him on the cheek before getting up from the couch.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some notes to go over. There is a particular relief bill I would like to get through, and Senator Darium will not make it easy for me.”

“Fine, fine.” Kegan grumbled. He got up too and stretched. “I do admit that there are some papers that need signing that I’ve been neglecting. Not to mention I have to give the new Dwarf ambassador a tour of the palace sometime today.”

Kegan gave his wife a hopeful look as he went on. “But after all of that is out of the way, and we have some free time tonight…?”

“We’ll spend some ‘quality time’ together.” Rein promised. She kissed her husband again and gave him a sad smile. “Sorry about all this, Kegan. I guess our duties just don’t give us as much free time as I’d like.”

“I know. We’ve been through this before, you know.” Kegan said. He kissed her back and walked over to a table cluttered with documents. He sighed, sat down, and picked a paper at random to start with. Rein walked over to give him one last kiss and a reassuring pat before she went about her own business.

“Oh, and Rein?” The Humage turned to him and gave him an inquisitive glance.

“Give Senator Darium hell. He’s an annoying little twit.”

“Kegan!” she admonished him with false shock. Rein smiled a moment later, however, and said,

“Will do, darling.”

Kegan grinned in return before looking back at the mess of papers before him. The Half-Elf sighed again. This was going to be a long day…

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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:16 am

Awesome, Magus. Just awesome. I love the way you write about Kegan and Rein. It's definitely believable. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:36 am

Although I really don't pay attention to Kegan or Rein, I liked them. Nice work.
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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:36 pm

This here is a little oneshot about what might, but ultimately won't, happen to Tsuba when the Rebel Army and company invade the capital. Just something I thought I might write after talking with Alec and listening to No Good Deed. Enjoy!


City on fire!
Rats in the grass
And the lunatics yelling in the streets!
It's the end of the world! Yes!
City on fire!
Hunchbacks dancing!
Stirrings in the ground
And the whirring of giant wings!
Watch out!
Blotting out the moonlight,
Thick black rain falling on the
City on fire!
City on fire!
City on fire!

“No, no, no, no, no! This can't be happening...all my plans...ruined by that damn Elf!” Tsuba hissed as she raged within her chambers. The Empress gave a frustrated yell and overturned a table near her bed, glancing at the view her balcony offered her. Beneath her, the entire Capital City burned (in some areas, literally) with chaos as a war for survival was waged in the streets.

The unthinkable had actually happened: the rebels had negotiated a war treaty with the Elves, and they had efficiently organized an invasion of the Capital of Gaboria. And in this in the span of a little over a year, when before the rebels had barely been a threat to her regime! And now...and now...

More than likely they could take over the entire capital within a few days, and everything Empress Tsuba had worked for was over with.

“The fools! The damn fools!” Tsuba gave another cry of rage as she reduced the overturned table to splinters with magic. She then gave a frustrated sigh and began to pace around in her room.

“ would have been so perfect if that damnable Elf hadn't interfered with my plans. Brighe...I will strangle her myself if she isn't killed in battle! But that hardly matters now...she only set in motion the events to come. She herself didn't carry them out. The fault of the rebel's quick organization and treaty with the Elves lies solely on the hands of Kegan and that damned Nebi. And let's not forget the Order's betrayal, thanks to that bastard Maul.”

At the thought of her former rivals, especially the thief Nebi, Tsuba raged again and struck her bedpost. The wood cracked under the impact of her fist.

“No good deed goes unpunished...I suppose that saying is true, now. If those damned fools had simply laid back and let me do my job, instead of assuming I'd automatically be a tyrant, then everything would have been so perfect! But my plans are reduced to ashes, and the Capital will soon join them. My goal, my dreams....all wasted because of these ignorant neanderthals!”

Tsuba's fists shook, and her left eye twitched violently. “My grand, glorious utopia...gone! All because they assumed I would be a monster.”

The full weight of that single comment hit Tsuba like a brick wall. They assumed...just because she played the role of a Villain, they thought she would actually be one?! Did no one see through her facade? No, of course not. She played the role to perfection, so everyone assumed...the damn fools! Did the meaning of the words “wait and see” mean anything to them!? Did they not realize how they had just damned themselves to a fate worse than death because of their stupidity!?!

Did they realize how they had just DESTROYED her carefully laid out plains?!

The mind of Empress Tsuba snapped.

It just...snapped. The sheer weight of these colliding events, and the knowledge that her People would forever remember her as a fallen was all too much for.

So she lost it.

Slowly, very slowly, the Empress started to laugh.

City on fire!
Rats in the streets
And the lunatics yelling at the moon!
It's the end of the world! Yes!
City on fire!
Hunchbacks kissing!
Stirrings in the graves
And the screaming of giant winds!
Watch out! Look!
Crawling on the chimneys,
Great black crows screeching at the
City on fire!
City on fire!
City on fire!

“If a Villain is what they want, then a Villain is what they'll get!” Tsuba said, cackling loudly as she did so. The Empress quickly rushed over to a locked chest within her chambers, and forced it open. Inside a dark crystal, wrapped in a layer of cloth enchanted to negate its powers, rested. Even with the negating cloth, though, Tsuba could feel the dark aura the crystal gave off.

Giving another mad giggle, the Empress plucked the covered crystal from its resting place and unsheathed it. Free from its restraints, the crystal emanated a powerful and ominous aura. Tsuba laughed again as she held it high into the air. Ah, how long it had been since she last held her family heirloom! A magical crystal that, according to family history, held the essence of a powerful demon. While Tsuba knew not if it was true, the power it held was unlimited! Or so she had seen through her brief uses of it.

And would serve nicely for her new plan.

“If a Villain is what they want, then so be it! If they expect me to be a Tyrant, then why not give into their wishes? Let it be known, then, that I'll never do another good deed as long as I may live! With this, I will become the Villain that everyone wants!”

Empress Tsuba let out a long laugh after that. After that, the young woman eyed her balcony and strode toward it, a wide grin on her face. She surveyed the burning city around her, and chuckled once more. She then held up the crystal high into the air.

“Destroy! Rain down fire upon this insignificant city, and all who oppose me! Kill anything and everyone! Give them the response they would expect of a true tyrant! Obliterate the Rebels!”

The crystal shook in her hands, and Tsuba laughed and laughed as the city started to shake violently as the ground rattled at their feet.

Dimly, Tsuba was aware of some sobbing going on in the background over her laughter. Whether it was her own, or perhaps some hiding servant, the Empress did not know nor care. All that mattered now was the complete and total annihilation of the rebellion! Nothing would withstand her wrath!

The door to her chambers then burst open, causing Empress Tsuba to whirl around, dropping the crystal in the process. As the shaking began to subside, Tsuba saw the figure who had opened her doors step into the moonlight. Her eyes widened, and the Empress grinned wildly at him.

“Hello, Carlisle. Come here to play?”
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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:01 pm

Awesome. Though, to be fair, Tsuba did imprison or try to kill off the other Heirs as soon as she became Empress. Thanks for writing this. God bless!
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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:24 pm

That is awesome. I hope I get to see one with one of my characters.
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Casey Jewels

Casey Jewels

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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:27 am

Finally got around to reading your last story. I still need to read through the others...

Very nicely done! That was an interesting glimpse into her character--especially since I hardly know her at all. XD


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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:40 pm

Wow. 'Tis been a long time since I updated this, neh? So many things have...changed, since then. To say the least of it. Many, many things....

Well, I am here with another update. Sorta. In preparation for writing the book series, I've done little character prompts for various characters. Here is one with Caesar. I may put up other prompts I've written, though we shall see.



Poor, poor Masau. He'd been so close to being allowed to live another day! Ah, but alas, he just had to break a Rule. Such a shame, too. He had so much potential! But what's done is done, Caesar thought. There was no turning back now. Whoever broke a Rule deserved to die, no matter who they were. And Masau would be just another unfortunate, foolish victim to add to the pile of bodies that broke the Rules.

Caesar stalked his prey for many hours, waiting for just the right moment to strike. It was time-consuming and hard work, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. After all, the Humage did enjoy a good hunt!

But, as all things must, his glorious hunt did come to an end. Masau was finally placed in the perfect position for his slaughter, and Caesar revealed himself to go in for the kill. Masau, the fool, seemed merely perplexed to see him again, so soon.

“Can I help you, Caesar?” he asked. Caesar smirked, but did his best not to laugh. No need to tip Masau off....

“Oh yes, of course!” Caesar replied enthusiastically. “You can help me by standing perfect still, please.”

Masau gave him another befuddled look. This time, Caesar couldn't help but chuckle.

“What do you...”

The words died on his victim's lips as Caesar held out his hand, and a small circle comprised of arcane and complex symbols appeared. The mad Humage reached his hand forward, watching with some delight as his forearm disappeared into the magical circle. Finally, his hand grasped what he was looking for, and Caesar pulled out a long and slim blade, a series of runes inscribed on the back of the sword. The circle swiftly disappeared and Caesar gave a few experimental swipes with his sword, pleased to see it was as good as ever. He took his eyes off the blade, and noticed the moronic Masau staring at him in horror.

“I'm sorry, you thought I was human, didn't you?” Caesar cackled with glee. At that moment, he allowed the illusion spell over his eyes to fade away, revealing his iris' true, striking light blue color. “And that I didn't have any talent in magic, did you? Oh Masau, you poor poor bastard. You have so much to learn...”

It was at this point Masau chose to come to his senses, and ran off screaming like a little girl. Caesar laughed aloud, and licked his lips with a deranged grin.

“Run run run as fast as you can, Masau! I do enjoy a good hunt! Hahahaha!”

With lightning speed, Caesar took off, quickly catching up and overtaking his target. Masau stumbled back in surprise as the crazed Humage jumped in front of him, and Caesar took that moment aim his sword at the human's chest, and ran forward.

Masau turned to run, but it was futile. In a matter of moments the sword met his twisted back, and as if Caesar were merely slicing bread, the blade pierced the unfortunate man's skin, and penetrated his body until the part of the blade exited out his heart. Masau froze, and his murderer was absolutely enraptured to see the mask of pain on his face.

“You only brought this out on yourself, Masau.” the unbalanced killer proclaimed, a touch of sympathy in his tone.

“If you hadn't broken a Rule, then you'd still be alive. You only have yourself to blame...”

The dying Masau stared uncomprehendingly at Caesar, before the light of life slowly left his eyes. The Humage barked out a laugh, and removed his blade from him, allowing the corpse to fall at his feet.

“Mark the stabber strikes again, it seems.” Caesar mused with a dark chuckle. After taking a moment to calm and compose himself, he removed the blood from his sword and sent it back from whence it came.

“Farewell, Masau, my friend. I certainly hope you have better luck in the Gloryland than on Gaias...”
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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:06 pm

None for my characters yet? Are they just not important enough or just too hard to write?

Anyways that was awesome. You write very well.
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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:09 pm

Hm, honestly I haven't decided which of your characters to write yet, Mariah. A bit hard to choose.

And thank you. Same for you.
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PostSubject: Re: Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria   

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Tales, Takes, and Dreams of Gaboria
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