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 Crossover Five Mand Bands: Post and discuss.

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PostSubject: Crossover Five Mand Bands: Post and discuss.   Thu May 13, 2010 9:32 pm

Looking around on Giant in the Playground forums, which I also happen to be a member of, I've noticed an interesting thread about crossover Five Mand Bands. So, does anyone here have crossover five man bands of their own? I'll post mine first. I'd like you to note that I previously posted this same topic on Avatar Spirit forums too.

The Saviors
The Hero/The Mentor: Immortal Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer 40,000). He launched the Great Crusade to liberate humanity from both their human and alien oppressors and to unite Mankind as one. As the incarnation of all of humanity's (on his Earth) Shamans, the Emperor is among the most psychically powerful creatures in his universe. He held back the forces of Chaos with his might, the Imperial Guard, the Space Marines and his own clones/sons the Primarchs.

Sadly he was betrayed and mortally wounded by one of his twenty sons, Warmaster Primarch Horus and his Empire turned into an oppressive theocracy after his fall. Now all anyone else has to do his break into the Emperor's Throne Room and heal him back to health. Doesn't sound that hard, right? Well it's harder than that. The Immortal Emperor of Mankind brings all loyal Space Marine Legions, much of the Imperial Guard, the Sisters of Battle and those members of the Inquisiton who aren't psychopaths. That's at most 5% of all Inquisitors.

The Lancer: Kurosaki Ichigo (Bleach). One of the few truly noble and decent Soul Reapers of the series Bleach, Ichigo is practically a living embodiment of mercy and forgivness, after he's done beating the crap out out of you and making you cry for what you did. He at one point risked his own life to save his friend Rukia from an unjust, albeit perfectly legal execution by the Soul Society. He's currently waging war against Souske Azien, a former captain and extremely powerful fellow Shinigami. Ichigo brings along his nakama including Orihime, Rukia and Chad.

The Big Guy: Captain Carrot Ironfounderson (Discworld). He's one of the most noble and purest members of Anhk-Morpork's Night Watch. That and he drove a sword through a fully grown man and a stone pillar. The city of Ankh Morpork loves him. That's certainly a plus.

The Smart Guy I: The Doctor (Doctor Who). A complete and utter genius and the savior of mankind on numerious occaisions. Slightly eccentric and likes sweets. Most of the time he's very bubbly and effevecsent and even cheeky. However when innocents are harmed or endangered he becomes a living precision guided tactical Evil detecting nuke. He possesses encyclopedic knowledge on damn near every thing.

The Smart Guy II: Agatha Heterodyne (Girl Genius). Only known living heir to the Heterodyne dynasty and potent Spark (read as mad scientist) in her own right. Tough beautiful, highly intelligent and very good at violence when needed. As heir to the Heterodynes, Agatha is her world's best hope to return to the glory days of the Heterodyne Boys, when Europe was peacefully ruled by her father Bill and her uncle Barry. Both Heterodyne Boys were (or still are) heroic mad scientsts. Mad science just runs in her family and on both sides. Agatha brings along her minions including the Jaegermonsters, Moloch, Castle Heterodyne and Von Pinn.

The (Staff) Chick: Aerith Gainsborough (FF VII). She's reasonably intelligent, kindhearted, independent minded and one of the few Final Fantasy Staff Chicks that can pull her proverbial weight and isn't annoying. Unfortunately she's dead, but with help from the other heroic teams these guys could be able to fix that. They might also be able to bring back more people while they're at it. She's also capable of employing healing, elemental, protective and utility magic in addition to her Limit Breaks ranging from Healing Wind to Great Gospel. If resurrected along with her boyfriend Zack (which she'd insist on) the Saviors would not only have Aerith but they'd have a powerful Ex-SOLDIER First Class as a frotline fighter.

The Mentor: Death (Discworld). How many times did this guy put his own existance at risk to save the world and individual people? And acting as the Hogfather good old Death even resurrected a briefly dead little girl after lifting her out of an Ankh-Morprok snow bank. He'd make a great mentor for Ichigo, Aerith and Aang.

The Tag Along Kid: Avatar Aang (Avatar: the Last Airbender). Seemingly the only bender capable of mastering all four classical elements, plus Spirit (A.K.A. Energy bending or Aether), it falls to Aang to maintain their ballance. But more importantly to Aang, he has a moral responsibility to protect the innocent from harm. For that reason, Aang joined the rest of the Saviors. Aang brings along the Order of the White Lotus for tactical support.

The Team Pets: Binky (Death's horse) (Discworld), the Grim Squeaker (Death of Rats) (Discworld), the TARDIS (Doctor Who), Emperor Krosp I (Girl Genius) and Appa and Momo (Avatar: the Last Airbender).

The Ravagers
The Big Bad: Xykon (Order of the Stick. Need I say more? I supose not. He commits horrific acts of cruelty and brutality while on his way to conquering his own world. Just because it's "badass". Xykon brings along Team Evil and Teevo.

The Dragon: Sephiroth (FF VII). Criminally insane genius (though not as smart as his fanboys and fangirls think he is), super solder, with great magical power and a rediculously huge katana. Sephiorth is an utter psychopath and is delusional enough to think of Jenova as his mother. He actually believes that he is the last of the Cetra, even though he murdered the real last Cetra, Aerith Gainsborough. He should have his pretty boy face introduced to the business end of a sledgehammer. He'd really hate Xykon too.

The Brute: The Kurgan (Highlander). A ruthless and brutal warrior from Eastern Russia, off the coast of the Caspian Sea, the Kurgan is well trained and savage combatant. Around 3,000 years-old, the Kurgan served as a Persian mercenary in their wars with the ancient Greek city states.

His immortal side was awoken by his own father, who crushed the Kurgan's skull in with a rock while drunk. The Kurgan recovered, heated said rock and force fed it to his father. His hobbies are rape, pillage, despoiling holy sites, playing chicken with unsuspecting drivers, running over pedestrians and forcing dogs and children to fight to the death for a bit of raw meat.

The Evil Scientist: Fabius Bile (Warhammer 40,000). A demon worshipping mad scientst who wears a lab coat made from human flesh. He created the Noise Marines. He has contacts in the Emperor's Children traitor legion. His fellow Chaos Space Marines are digusted with him.

The Dark Chick: Bangladesh DuPree (Girl Genius). An ex-air pirate who's hobbies include torture, maiming and murder. Her ultimate goal is to regain control of her family's empire and punish those who betrayed her mother. Will do her best to ingore any order that doesn't increase the odds of her killing someone else including fellow team mates. Bang brings her loyal all-female air pirate gang.

The Sixth Ranger: The Joker (as portrayed in the Dark Knight Trilogy). Vicious, brutal and in possession of a genius level IQ, the Joker is master of psychological warfare. He's fond of explosives and guns but prefers knives, saying, "Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can't savor all of the…little…emotions. You see, in their…last moments, people show you who they really are. So in a way... I knew your friends better than you ever did. [pause] Would you like to know which of them were cowards?" That and the Joker's the kind of guy to keep a rocket launcher on hand just in case. Toss in his mainstream comic version fondness and skill with poisons and you would truly have a terror to behold.

The Mentor: Randall Flagg (The Stand and various other Steven King novels). He can kill birds and give men prostrate cancer by just smiling at them. Flagg can also kill a human sized enemy by making an inverted sign of the cross at them. Oh, and he's an Anti-Christ figure. Isn't it obvious? He's also a master of corruption and manipulation. He might try to teach those things to Sephiroth and the Joker. Of course Sphiroth is too self righteous to pay attention Flagg's lessons.

Hallowed Darkness
The Hero: Batman (Batman). He's a highly intelligent man who pushed himself to achieve mental and physical perfection in a quest to avenge his parents murders and protect the people of Gotham City from crime and corruption. He's a master of psychological warfare and unarmed combat. Mister Wayne is a master of stealth and as he says, "Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot." This being the Nolanverse version he brings along not only Alfred but also Lucius Fox.

The Lancer/The Chick: Raven (Teen Titans). She tough, rather smart and is capable of manipulating shadow and darkness as a weapon, for defense and as a means of telekenisis. Okay, she can heal too, but that's not her main function. She's vary kind and compassionate, even if she's too afraid to show it. Raven was born to unleash Hell upon Earth, but turned away from path.

The Big Guy: Hellboy (Hellboy). Big, red and physically powerful, Hellboy is a force to be reckoned with. Born to unleash the Ogdru Jahad, Hellboy has turned away from his unholy destiny to defend humanity. His true name is Anung un Rama meaning "Red Hand of Doom". Hellboy brings his contacts in the BPRD to this group along with his immense physical strength and knowledge of the supernatural.

The Smart Guy: Vinny Doombats (Erfworld). Unambigiously good, highly moral, loyal to his friends and seeks only to protect the innocent from harm. Sadly one of his friends (not included in this band) is a selfrighteous megolomanic with a short temper and an unwillingness to listen to and take advice. Also, Vinny is a vampire. Just try to top that. His jobs are to handle the big things, like tactics and strategy and the small but still important things like making sure that the rest of the team doesn't starve to death. Vinnie brings his own armies of vampires and giant bats.

The Smart Guy: Doctor Byron Orpheus (Venture Brothers). He's a supremely moral man and a master necromancer to boot. What's not to like about him? While I know Doctor Orpheus is male he fits the role of the Chick better than Raven. Much better in fact. He's the leader the Order of the Triad.

The Tag Along Kid: Adam Young (Good Omens). Bright, cheerful, extroverted, charismatic, kind, compassionate and merciful towards all, Adam Young is the ideal child. He's an eleven year-old boy with golden-blond hair and warm friendly eyes. He can protect any small town to large city that he becomes attached to. In addition Adam can increase speed of plant growth as well as the size of plants.

What's so dark about him, you say? He's the intended Anti-Christ. He could get along with Aerith though. He wouldn't like any of the Ravagers, especially Xykon and Sephie boy. He'd dislike the Purifiers too. His titles are The Adversary, Destroyer of Kings, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Great Beast that is called Dragon, Prince of this World, Father of Lies, Spawn of Satan and Lord of Darkness. He's a really nice kid though. Adam brings his gang the Them.

Team Pet: Dog (Good Omens). Adam Young's pet hellhound.

The Mentor: The Shadow (the Shadow radio broadcasts and pulps). Well trained in stealth and versed in the same tactics as the criminals he fights he is a terror to unjust. In addition the Shadow has the power to project his voice using a supernaturally enhanced form of ventriloquism and render himself invisible by clouding his enemies minds. That and his laugh. "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Who knows, the Shadow knows! Mwuahaa."
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Posts : 71
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PostSubject: Re: Crossover Five Mand Bands: Post and discuss.   Sun May 23, 2010 2:57 pm

Pictures of most of the characters mentioned.

Hallowed Darkness

Hero: Batman

Lancer/Chick: Raven

Big Guy: Hellboy

Smart Guy I: Doctor Byron Orpheus

Smart Guy II: Vinnie Doombats

Mentor: The Shadow

Tag Along Kid: Adam Young
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Posts : 71
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PostSubject: Re: Crossover Five Mand Bands: Post and discuss.   Sun May 23, 2010 3:50 pm

Pictures for The Saviors

The Hero:
The Lancer:
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PostSubject: Re: Crossover Five Mand Bands: Post and discuss.   

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Crossover Five Mand Bands: Post and discuss.
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