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 Collab Rules

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PostSubject: Collab Rules   Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:41 pm

Collaboration Rules

A collaboration is defined as a story written by two or more people, where each person has say in setting, plot, events, etc. It is different from RPs in that there is this greater say, and that it is much stricter in who can participate and who can’t. The purpose of allowing collab threads is to make it easier for people who want to do a larger writing project together, but have trouble being online at the same time/long enough to get anything done.

1. No spamming collab threads with comments about the stories. If you really have to say something, PM it.
2. If you ask to join a collab, those writing it do not have to let you in. Collabs are not RPs and the more people accepted, the harder it is to make it work.
3. If you want to collab with someone, ask via PM. Don’t start a thread pleading for someone to collab with you, or stating that it is a collab between you and *insert username* when you haven’t asked them about it.
4. Don’t write “steamy” stuff or explicit torture scenes or whatnot. If you wouldn’t post it in an RP, don’t post it in a collab.
5. Please consider such things as grammar and spelling. These are stories, so treat them as such. It makes it easier for those that you are collaborating with.

This is an experiment of sorts in that I’ve never seen this done before on other forums, so the rules may be subject to change, depending on what issues come up. If you have any suggestions, PM Casey Jewels.

(The above has been written by Casey Jewels.)

This is an experiment, and hopefully it will turn out well. Please try to also resolve problems civilly, but the mods will ultimately render judgement on any problems that arise. And be mindful of the other site rules as you collab with others.

EDIT: Casey Jewels is the moderator of this board, her word is law.
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Collab Rules
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