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 So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}

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PostSubject: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:24 pm

If you have seen my rpg, the Unwanted you know Alice is the leader, but she wasn't always. You see there was one before her, a mermaid by the name of Ty Lu. This is her story.

Chapter One-Ty Lu's Story begins

A young girl of ten sat on a swing. It was getting late, the sun just starting to set in the sky, yet unlike all the other kids the young girl didn't run off to her parents. She didn't have any. Or none that she knew of.

Staring all at the other kids, the girl felt a little upset. They all gave her strange looks, none ever coming over to say hi or play with her one last time before they go. No they all just turned away, a little frighten and confused, ignoring the girl.

The girl knew why they did it too. For she had such a serious, lonely face. One that should belong to a teenager or at least someone older, not for a ten year old. Yet she was serious. Life was hard for her; she had nothing to be happy about. She lived in an orphanage for seven years, then ran away, now living on the streets. It was her life now and so the little girl wasn't so little anymore. She never was. Growing up she was always serious, trying to learn everything she could, so she could survive.

Upon running away, she had more reason to learn how to fend for herself. The girl learned how to steal, lie and cheat just so she could get the essentials. Of course she knew it was wrong, but there was no other way.

Swinging back and forth, the girl went back to staring at the setting sun. It was beginning to create low shadows on the ground, things becoming darker by the second. The girl knew she had to find shelter before it got too dark, but she kept swinging. She could do that later.


The girl shook her head, tears welling in her small, but dark blue eyes. Again her long brown locks were pulled and this caused more tears to produce, sliding down her cold, scared face.

She couldn't really remember how she got where she was now. Alone in an alley, with two men who were hurting her just for fun. Thinking back, she tried to remember every detail.

The girl had been walking down the street, the street lamps already on. She had left the playground late and she was a little annoyed with herself for doing so. Having more time to just relax was not as important as finding shelter and doing it at a safer time. She had to remind herself that she couldn't let personal wants interfere with her basic needs.

Lost in thoughts, the girl could remember hearing footsteps next, but at the time she thought nothing of it. She ignored them. People were still out at this time. It wasn't too late. But then the footsteps got louder and closer. She began to run this time, not looking back, as that would only cause her to slow and she couldn't afford that if she truly was being chased.

Another pair of footsteps joined the first ones and the girl increased her speed, panting and sweating, but not stopping.

Finally she stopped at a corner near a closed store. It was one that she had seen many times, but never went in, for she had no money and it was too risky to steal from it with all the cameras and whatnot. Trying to regain her breathe, the girl noticed the footsteps were gone. She had lost them. Sighing with relief, she started towards the other side of the street, until she was grabbed. The girl remember blacking out shortly.

When she came too, she was in the dark alley, two large men standing over her. One was short and skinny, his long dark hair matching his dark eyes. The other was a little taller and fatter, but he still was pretty lean. They both had weapons and looked like nasty men, but the girl wasn't afraid. She had no reason at the moment. Also it would be best for her too keep her cool.

"Ah, so the crook is finally up," the short one said, looking her over. The girl was half tempted to slap him, but she remained where she was. Also she was too busy thinking of why he called her 'crook' to really give slapping him much thought.

'Crook? Is it possible I stole from them? But they don't look like any of the rich people I've robbed? If I haven't done anything to them, then why did they take me and then call me crook?'

It was really confusing for her, but the girl decided it would be best to remain silent and just listen. Not giving anything away. But that lead to another problem.

"Hey crook, are you listening to me? I said, 'Why did you take our money?'"

The girl said nothing; just staring at them.

"Aren't you going to answer my friend," the chubby guy asked, his voice low and husky.

Still nothing.

"Answer us goddamn it!!" With that the short one kicked her in the stomach. The girl allowed a small "oomph" to escape her lips, but nothing else. She wasn't going to give in so easily. And apparently neither were they.

"I guess we're have the roughen her up before she'll talk," Mr. Chubby chuckled to his partner. The short one agreed, nodding greedily. This is when the girl became slightly nervous.

Then they began to abuse her everyway possible to get an answer. Beating her with their weapons, hissing threats, calling her names, pulling her hair and so much more. But the girl didn't yield to them. Life on the street and in the orphanage had toughen her, but still she couldn't help but cry.

The tears hit the pavement with soft thuds, creating tiny pools of water. The girl kept on crying and crying, even when the men stopped hurting her. She wasn't just crying from the pain of the abuse she had received, but from all the pain she had experienced in her life. She didn't know how long she cried, but when she stopped, a sudden cold feeling shivered through her. The tears that had fallen began to rise, the water moving towards the men. The girl's head shot up and the water turned freezing, becoming ice and driving itself into their skin. The men began to scream out in pain, cursing with every swear they knew. Blood began to fall, mixing with the girl's on the cold concrete.

Standing the cry wiped the remaining tears away and turned to leave the men to their fate. But before she made it out, one of them, she didn't know who, cried out:

"What are you?! Who are you?!"

The girl looked at the ground, swallowing a lump in her throat. She faced the other way, her face dead serious and spoke to them for the first and last time.

"Ty Lu."
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PostSubject: Re: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:24 pm

Chapter Two-Time for School

Ty Lu, now twelve years old, looks at her ceiling. Her foster mother calls her name again, but Ty Lu remains lying on her bed.

"Ty Lu, I have called you ten times already," her foster mother cries, now standing at her doorway. "Get ready now or you'll be late for your first day of school!"

The girl said as her foster mother walked off. She wasn't looking forward to school. Although she had never attended one before, it didn't sound so pleasant. Especially since she was living in a foster home, picked up off the streets. The girl could only imagine what kind of rumors about her where now floating around, ready to attack her once she stepped into the brink building. No school didn't sound pleasant at all.

Still Ty Lu got off her bed and began to dress, not wanting to listen to her foster mother yell at her again. I mean Ty Lu could still skip school or just cut most of her classes, hiding in a closet or the bathroom. She didn't have to go to her classes, right?

Ty Lu looked at her reflection, pondering over what she could do to avoid the horror of school. Her once long brown hair was now cut to her shoulder, her blue eyes dull. Life was better for the young girl, but things were far from fine. This wasn't the life she wanted. Living with four other foster brother and sisters in a cramp apartment. Having little money and having to listen to everyone complain. Still Ty Lu knew this life was better than her life on the streets. She had a warm bed instead of whatever she could find to sleep in, food she didn't have to steal to get, and more. Grabbing an apple and her hand-me-down backpack, Ty Lu went out the door.

Stepping outside, she shivered. It was cold outside, but she didn't feel like going back to get a jacket. So Ty Lu sent off down the street avoiding every stare she got, whether they were nice, sympatric or mean, glaring ones. Nothing anyone had to say or give meant anything to Ty Lu. She had her life and they had theirs. It should be kept that way.

Finally Ty Lu reached the tall, red building, her stomach doing back flips. She could feel her throat closing and she swallowed, a lump beginning to form. She was scared of what would happen, but curious too. If she ran now, Ty Lu might never satisfy that curiosity, and that was something she couldn't live with. So she took a deep breath and walked through the door.
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PostSubject: Re: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:26 pm

Chapter Three-Seventh Grade Really Sucks

Ty Lu sat in a cramped stall, hiding in the bathroom. It was just like she wanted to do, only now actually doing it wasn't so pleasant for her. The smell of smoke, filled her nose even though all the smokers where gone, off to their next class. Yet their smell lingered in the air. It disgusted Ty Lu. In all her years she never could understand why someone would posion themselves with such vile things. Maybe one of her classes could of told her. Too bad Ty Lu only went to one.

Walking into the building, the young twelve year old recieved more stares than she could count. Of course she ignored most of them, but then the whispering began. Ty Lu's head hung low as she rushed to homeroom, the first class on her list. Inside the classroom, was not much better though. There were about ten other kids scattered all around the room, now all looking her way. Feeling like a mouse being hunted by a hawk, she took a seat at the far end of the room, closest to the door. She needed a quick escape if things got ugly.

The teacher glided over to her and I do mean glided. Ty Lu really thought she looked like she was floating above the ground or something. It made her dislike the teacher right away, and once she spoke, Ty Lu hated her.

"You must be Teeluo," her voice high pitch and stratchy. It hurt her ears. Ty Lu was also upset that the teacher mispronounced her name wrong.

"It's pronounced Tie loo."

"Uh huh, Taiyou," the teacher said, nodding slowly at Ty Lu like she was dumb or something. "I am Mrs. Birg, you're homeroom teacher."

"What is homeroom excatly?"

Suddenly a giggle sounded in the room, then another until the whole room was laughing. Ty Lu was the only one who wasn't besides her Mrs. Squeaky Voice, and she still had that 'Oh god she's dumb' look on her face. This really upsetted the mermaid, but she didn't do anything about it. Well except taking note on the girls who were the first ones to laugh. Ty Lu was going to make sure she remember them.


Ty Lu went through a bunch of classes she had no idea what was going on in, all the time just looking out the window, plotting her revenge.

There were three girls who were the ones to laugh, but Ty Lu didn't know their names. So she gave them ones.

The first was a short, plumped girl with think brown hair and fierce brown eyes. Ty Lu named her Owl Face, for her head did look and move like an owl.

The second was tall and skinny, with pale skin and a look of disinterest carved on her face. She looked like she was sick too, and Ty Lu named her Sneezle.

The third, seemed to be the boss of the two others and Ty Lu hated her the most. She had perfect red hair curled the 'right' way, hanging loosely around her face. Her eyes were a deep blue that could piece the soul of any unexcepted victim. Her mouth was glued into a sneer. Ty Lu named her Red Riding Hood. It was a book that the girl was fond of, having been read it by her foster mother. The popukar girl really did remind Ty Lu of her. Dishonest and selfish.

They were the reason she was in here too, coughing up her lungs from the smoke that did not filter out.

'The air vents must be broken. Stupid, crappy school.'

Now the young mermaid didn't know excaltly what had happened at lunch that day, but she did excalt her revenge.

Taking her nearly empty tray, Ty Lu suddenly felt herself go flying. The food that was on the tray fell to the floor, no longer eatable and so did Ty Lu. The room immeditaly bursted into laughter and Ty Lu felt her cheek burn in embarrassment. Sneering at Ty Lu from her place on the floor, stood Red Riding Hood and her two goons.

"Oh I'm sorry. I guess I didn't see you there. My bad."

But Ty Lu knew the girl wasn't apologing. Her tone was not right for it to be sincre. No, it was a nasty one. Snide and cold.

"Yeah," Ty Lu muttered, getting up, but then Owl pushed her back down. She let out a cry as she hit the ground for a second time. Flashes of two years ago went through the girl's mind. It was almost like that day.

"Now, I'm not done talking to you, so don't you dare get up, you hear me?"

Ty Lu nodded.

"Good," she said. "Now when I heard that the new girl was going to be an orphan off the street I couldn't believe it. I mean come on, why would they let someone so dumb and worthless go to school? Yet here you are, the little stupid trash."

As Red Riding Hood went on, Ty Lu felt her angry rise. Finally when she couldn't take it no more, she stood and tried to leave, but Owl and Sneezle blocked her way. Red grabbed Ty Lu by the wrist and squeezed it. Ty Lu bit her lip to stop herself from screaming in pain.

"Now who the hell do you think you are," Red yelled, right in Ty Lu's ear, tighting her grip. "Who the hell said you could leave? Huh, you worthless scum. I don't think you know who you're dealing with. You don't know you're place. Do you know you're place?"

It was silent, then Ty Lu raised her head, looking into Red Riding Hood's eyes. "In the trash."

"That's right," Red praised, her tone now sounding like she was speaking to a two-year old. "You belong in the trash with all the rest of you're stupid kind. I'm glad that you're smart enough to know who yo're dealing with."

This time Ty Lu began to laugh. It was a distorted one, for she had never really laughed too much before. It hurt her throat, but she didn't stop.

"No, you're wrong. You have no idea who you're dealing with."

Water from a nearby fountain began to gush out. Every single water bottle exploded. Any source of water burst or gush, obeying the mermaid's rage. Once the water stopped going wild, everyone, excluding Ty Lu, was wet. Red let go of her wrist and Ty Lu ran off, scared.

'What am I?'


And that what was had happened. Ty Lu ran into the first bathroom she could find and locked herself in a far, out of order toilet stall. It was a little smelly, but Ty Lu was too freaked out to care. She didn't understand her powers, why she possessed them or what real damage she could possibly do if provoked.

So instead of facing her classmates or trying to figure what was going on, Ty Lu spent the day in the stall, until a night janitor sent her home. Looking at the stars, the young brunette only had only wish.

"I want more power."
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PostSubject: Re: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:27 pm

Chapter Four-A New Power

It had been two months since the incident in the cafeteria. Ty Lu is now being home schooled, but her foster mother says that next year she can return. Ty Lu really didn't want to, but she didn't want to upset her foster mother by arguing. Ty Lu did love home schooling. She was learning so much more than she did at school.

Now it was five in the afternoon and Ty Lu had nothing to do. Her lesson was over for the day and her foster siblings were off doing who really cares. Ty Lu didn't want to bug her foster mother. If she did, then she would probably make Ty Lu do more work. So she just sat at her windowstill, looking at the busy street below. It was her's because everytime Ty Lu had nothing to do, she would sit there. It was peaceful for the mermaid. But today she was feeling antsy; she wanted to get out and do something. Ty Lu just couldn't sit there.

"Rachel, I'm going out," Ty Lu called from the door. Her foster mom, told her not to stay out too late. Ty Lu replied she wouldn't.

Walking down the streets, the young girl thought about her life. She knew there was something different about her. That she had powers she couldn't quite control. That seemed to be triggered by her emotions, mainly anger and frustation. IT made Ty Lu wonder who her parents were. Did they have powers too? Were they freaks or something? Did they know they would pass on their powers?

'Why did they leave me?'

Ty Lu shook her head, trying to forget about her parents, before she got sad. It was pointless anyways.

"Pointless to cry. They didn't want me and that's that. All I have is myself."

It was something that Ty Lu told herself a lot. It was true too. All she had was herself. Her foster family were nice people and they seemed to care, but it was purely out of pity. They didn't really love Ty Lu. She wasn't really a member of their family. Ty Lu's only family was herself.

A crash of a wave broke the girl out of her thoughts. She looked around confused. It seemed she had walked to the pier, near the beach. A cool breeze blew off the water and Ty Lu closed her eyes, enjoying the scent of the salt water and the coolness of the air. As long as Ty Lu knew, she loved water. It was something that was comforting. Maybe it had to do with her powers. Without a moment hesistation, the mermaid jumped into the cold water, all her clothes on.

Swimming around, all the stress she had earlier disappear. Everything faded away except her and the water. It was a feeling Ty Lu never wanted to leave. She wanted to feel this way forever. But her wish was cut sort as a huge wave crashed over her. The tide began to pull the thirteen year old girl out father into sea. She became scared, attempting to swim back to shore. And yet at every move of her body, Ty Lu found she was moving farther from the shore and getting more tired.

Finally Ty Lu gave herself to the sea. She was tired of stuggling. She just wanted it to end. It seemed like forever until Ty Lu opened her eyes. She no longer was having trouble with her breathing and wasn't so tired any more and yet she was scared. Ty Lu was still under the water. She was breathing under water.

Breaking the surface, the girl's hands went to her neck. Feeling bumps, she pulled back, a little afriad. Somehow she had grown gills. She had five on each side of her neck. It was both frightening and exciting. Ty Lu decided after some time that it was mich more cooler than scary and began to swim again.

The young girl was having so much fun, that she lost track of time. She finally got back home after dark, her foster mom, yelling at her about having to be home before dark and about killers and other things Ty Lu paid no attention too. For her mind was still wirling from what had happened. Whatever she was, Ty Lu was glad she was it. It beat being just a normal human. By a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:28 pm

Chapter Five-God, how I hate people

Ty Lu looked at the boy in front of her. He smiled mischivously at her, which made Ty Lu mad. He was blocking her way to the Library.

She had gone back to the middle school the next year. There wasno use in arguing with her foster mother once she set her mind to something. It's like fighting with a wall. After awhile you run out of energy, excuses, and anger and the wall still stands strong. It wins.

So Ty Lu returned, upset and nervous. It seemed that people did forget about the cafeteria incident and those who did remember just avoided the mermaid. So Ty Lu didn't complain. She was able to go about without being mocked or teased. There were whispers sometimes, but no so much. This change also helped her grades. That and her home schooling. Ty Lu was able to learn through the school year and summer, so the girl could easily remember what she was taught. Ty Lu wasn't the best, but she was near the top of her class.

In the beginning of the year, Ty Lu learned she could bring packed lunches and so she ate in the bathroom or any empty classroom she could find. So the mermaid was able to avoid the caferteria and anymore incident it held. During study hall or any free time she had, she spent in the Library. Books fansicated her with the things she read, whether they were true or fiction. Ty Lu loved to read. Her favorite class quickly became Science. The teacher, Mr. Hann, had a kind smile and told them he would not judge them from any prior things he had heard. They would be treated like equals and given a fair chance. He also strangely smelled like oranges and the scent was a favorite of the mermaid. Ty Lu didn't realize it and probably never would, but she has a small crush on Mr. Hann.

Science became her best class, her report card always showing an A plus. Eventually Ty Lu joined thre Science club, and later the Swim team. Being in the water was still on of Ty Lu's greatest love and she was an excellent swimmer. Her swim teammates admired her skills and the club members respected her knowlegde of the subject and control over things. Her life was finally going smoothly-then he showed up.

When she heard heard there was going to be a new student, she thought nothing of it. Ty Lu barely cared about anyone from the school. Another person wouldn't affect, or so she thought.

He was in her Math, Science, Gym and Art class. He chose to sit near her, unlike everyone else. He destroyed the perfect barrier Ty Lu had with everyone. The whispers got worse. Ty Lu didn't even know why this stupid boy liked her. She was a mean, cold person. She had an arrogance 'Don't even think of talking to me' air to her. Ty Lu was called a freak, bitch, snob and stuck-up, but it didn't matter to her. Ty Lu would have taken it all and more as long as she was left alone. Yer everyday, he talked to her, followed her. Tried to get her to respond. Ty Lu tried everything too, to try get him out of her life. Ingored him, avoided him. Glared, growled, pushed, ran. The mermaid tired everything except being vocal and beating him up. She was half-tempted to hit him too.

And now here he was, blocking her path, his expression pure joy. He knew he was annoying her and he was clearly enjoying the fact. Ty Lu sighed and took this time to look him over.

The boy had shiny black hair that fell to his chin, in a spikey style. His eyes were a honey-like brown color and had a simple feel to them. He was not much taller than her and he was bery skinny. His skin was a light tanish color. He was cute, but of course the girl would not admit it even if she was going to be killed.

"Well isn't it my favorite person," he yelled, quite loudly by the way.

'Well isn't it my stalker!' Ty Lu gave him a look and tried to move past him, but no. He had to just stand there, shaking his head. She sighed again. This was getting annoying.

"I will let you pass, Bunny, but I'm not so sure that you want me to."

Now Ty Lu was pissed. First he had the nerve to give her such a horrifying nickname and he also knew very well she wanted to get by. Also it was weird. He wanted to be her friend and yet he was currently attempting to piss her off. It mad her even more mad at him.

"Come on, just say the words "Kenny get the hell out of my way" and I'll do it. All I'm asking is for you to speak."

Ty Lu looked around and she smiled. Kenny took it that she was going to speak, his face getting an eager look. He thought he had won. But now Ty Lu's smile turned into a very evil one and in a second Kenny was soaked from head to toe. The mermaid took that chance to push him over and walk off, getting to the Library so she could read for the last ten minutes she had.

Kenny smirked too. He knew he had gotten to her. It was only time until she spoke. He knew what she was and that would get her.
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PostSubject: Re: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:29 pm

Chapter Six-Fighting gets you nowhere

Ty Lu was sitting in the Library. She usually read her books in the asiles, to get privacy and it ususlly worked. Usually being key word. Today was not her lucky day. As soon as she got into the book, footsteps sounded on the carpet.

"Hello my friend."

The mermaid scowled as Kenny came into view. Yes, Ty Lu had learned of the boy's name and sadly he knew her's. Being in most classes together would do that to you. But still Ty Lu wanted nothing to do with the obnoxious boy.

"What the hell do you want?"

Ty Lu noticed he had a book with him. She couldn't see the title, for his hand was blocking it. She strained her neck to get a better look.

"I know what you are."

Now Ty Lu could see a little writing but still she couldn't figure out what the boy was reading. It was beginning to annoy her. The curiosity of it.

"I can tell you everything you need to know."

Ty Lu squinted and moved closer, but it was still no use she couldn't read it. His hand was too big and it was on the majority of the title. The only way to figure out was to either ask or for him to move his hand.

"Are you even paying attention," he snapped.

The girl looked at him, blinking. No, she hadn't been paying him any attention. She rarely did. It was odd to see him get so worked up over it.

"Sorry, what were you saying?"

He looked pissed off and his got Ty Lu angry too. She saw no reason for his anger. She had nothing wrong. Well besides ignore him, but like she said, that was a common thing.

"I just told you that I know what you are!!"

"What do you mean?" Ty Lu asked, not getting Kenny's point.

He threw his arms up in defeat, but did not turn away. After a moment of silent Ty Lu sighed.

"You going to explain or what?"

"Ty Lu have you ever noticed that you're different?"

'Have I ever noticed? DUH! What kind of moron is this guy?'


He shot her a look, but didn't say anything. "I heard some rumors about you and did a little research. Ty Lu you're a mermaid."

"A what?" The thought sent a chill down her spine. It was inane, but yet the thought made sense. It explained many of the weird things that had happened to her. Her love of water and her excellent swimming skills. "That's impossible," she laughed, but Ty Lu didn't really believe that.

"I'm not lying and it is possible. I can prove it to you."

"Oh really," she said, standing to face Kenny. "How?"

The boy got a dangerous look in his eyes, and for a second, Ty Lu regretted challenging him. Kenny closed his eyes and disappeared. He literally vanished into thin air.


"Shocked," a voice asked behind her and the mermaid leaped into the air. Laughing behind her was Kenny. He was leaning against a book shelf looking most pleased with himself for scaring the girl.

"You jerk," she yelled. Ty Lu stormed off, only to be stopped as Kenny appeared in front of her.

"Not so fast. I'm not finished." Ty Lu gave him an impaitent look, but she stood still. "Now that doesn't prove you're a mermaid, but it does prove that it's possible. I am a teleporter. If that's possible, then you being a mermaid should be too, right?"

"I guess," she muttered recluntly.

"Good. Now I want to help you control your powers, but since I'm not a mermaid I can't."

"So what do you suppose I do?!"

A kid passing by, looked at them strangely. The two shifted awkwardly in the asile, not looking at eachother.

"I know someone who can help," he stated after a while. Ty Lu sighed and rubbed her head. It was too much for the young girl to handle.

"I also wanted to apologies," he admired. Kenny was upset with himself for being mean and he tried to explain it to Ty Lu, but she was too tired and irritated to listen clearly.

"You know what, just shut it!"

"Don't yell at me!"

"I'll do what I want! You're not my boss!"

The two were now bickering, tearing at eachother's necks. Kenny was trying to say that all he wanted to do was test Ty Lu and that he sometimes wasn't thinking and Ty Lu was just trying to hurt him in any way possible, she was so infuriated.


This time almost everyone was staring at the pair. The students had looks like they thought they were freaks and the Librain's expression was one of impatient and annoyance. Kenny felt his cheeks burn, but before he could say anything, Ty Lu ran out the door, leaving Kenny dumbfounded and embarrassed.

"That didn't go as planned," he muttered to himself.
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PostSubject: Re: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:30 pm

Chapter 7-Swimming is for fishes



"Why not?"

"Why would I want to help you when you're mean to me?"

Ty Lu opened her mouth to speak, then shut it. Kenny was right. She sighed and looked at the ground. Kenny said he could introduce her to a mermaid, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to. Ty Lu was resorting to begging. It would be so much easier if she met someone of her own kind.

"Come on, Kenny. You can't just do this to me. I'll die!"

Kenny gave the sea girl a look. "A little dramatic," he said, leaning against a low wall.

"Ok I won't die, but I will find a way to make you're life miserable."

"You already do," he countered. Kenny wanted to help Ty Lu, but he didn't want to be used or have her just be mean again afterwards. "I'll do it, but you have to promise me you won't be mean to be anymore."

Ty Lu thought about it and nodded. Kenny gave her a smile, that had no happiness in it. He started walking and after going ten feet stopped.


Ty Lu nodded again and began following him.
"Are you sure you're not lying to me," the mermaid asked carefully. She didn't want to be tricked, although she would understand if Kenny wanted payback. Walking all the way to the beach, he was relatively quiet. Ty Lu wonder if he hated her now.

'Most likely. I did nothing, but be nasty to him,' she thought, glumily. 'But I don't know why he would be this nice if he did. Oh I'm so confused. I suck at reading people.'

Kenny stopped, which caused the distracted teen to crash into him. After apologizing, she looked to see they were at the water's edge. Kenny looked around, then walked into the cold water until it was at his waist. Then he pulled out a conch and started blowing on it. Ty Lu watched, hypotised from the shore. It was the most strangest sight she could ever see, but she wasn't freaked or anything. The music that came from the conch was too beautiful to be weird. Too pretty....too soothing...too...

"Ty Lu," a voice cried, snapping Ty Lu from her daze. She blinked a couple of times, then walked over to Kenny, who was beckoning her. Standing by his side, he pointed to a figure in the distant.

At first the mermaid had no idea what she was looking at. Then she realized that it was another mermaid swimming closely to the top of the water. Her sleek form shimmered as she moved in and out of the small waves. Ty Lu felt herself becoming hypotised again.

Finally the form reached the two. She gave Kenny a charming smile (which made him blush) and looked curiously at Ty Lu. The mermaid had long red hair that looked like silk, white, creamy skin, dark green eyes, and a sleek body. Her tail was a maroon-ish color and the scales glistened in the sun. Overall she was very beautiful. Ty Lu almost felt herself blush to just be in her presence.

"Hakuchi why did you call me?" her voice sounding both curious and irrated.

Kenny seemed unconcerned with her tone, regaining his seriousness. "I have brought a humanized mermaid to you. I was hoping you could help her."

The mermaid's once relaxed stare, became intensely focused as she looked over Ty Lu. This time the teen did blush. She felt weak and naked under the older mermaid's glaze. She seemed to have an important air to her. It was hard to explain.

"I am Asrei," she said after soon time. "I am the mermaid princess of the Sven Kingdom; second daughter to King Tiklo. Who are you?"

'That explains it. She's a princess and I guess since I am a mermaid too, I could sense her supiority over me.'

"I thought you were different. I felt like you were better than me. Like I should respect you."

Asrei just gave Ty Lu another curious look, then looked seriously at Kenny.

"She is a maigo from my Kingdom. Or at least this is my belief since she could identify who I was at some level. I will help her, Hakuchi. You have nothing to fear."

Kenny finally grinned. He nodded and thanked her, returning to the shore to wait for Ty Lu. Ty Lu looked back at the princess. She was still looking her over.


"Change to you're normal form, then I will help you."
The two mermaids swam through the coral reefs that were near the town. There weren't many, but the ones that were there, were pretty. The colors, and not only of the coral, seemed to stand out more to Ty Lu's mermaid eyes. She giggled and danced around them, the natural high of being in the water taking her over.

Princess Asrei watched in wonder. It was true. The poor girl was a maigo from her Kingdom. She try to think of who her parents could be, but right now, it was hard to place them. She saw over to the ranbunous girl and smiled kindly to her. Ty Lu stopped playing around and calmed down.

"You have not told me you're name yet, maigo."

"I am Ty Lu, though I'm not sure if it's the name my parents gave me. I just always called myself it."

"Do you remember you're parents?"

Ty Lu felt uncomfortable with the question and began playing with her hair. She looked at Asrei and shook her head. Ty Lu had no recognition of her parents or anything of her mermaid life. Only living on the streets. Asrei nodded, a pitiful expression on her lovely face. She felt sorry for Ty Lu and wished she could just come back with her. But it wasn't that simple. The girl was too human-like.

After awhile, Ty Lu spoke again.

"What does maigo mean?"

"It means lost child. You are not the only mermaid who was abondoned or lost in the human world." The mermaid princess said it was such grief, it made Ty Lu feel bad for asking. She swam over to her and gave Asrei a hug.

At first, the royal fish-girl had no idea what to do, but she accepted it anyways. Ty Lu pulled back and looked her in the eyes. A feeling of regret and sorrow filled her up, as the maigo's eyes asked her to take her to the Kingdom. A grim understanding appeared to Ty Lu.

"I have to get back to Kenny. He'll be waiting for me. But can we swim together sometime?"

Asrei placed one hand on Ty Lu's shoulder. "We walk in the water, never swim. And yes, whenever you want. Just come into the water in you're true form and call my name. I will come to you."

Ty Lu thanked Asrei and started back towards the shore. But first she turned back to her princess. "Goodbye my friend." Then she was gone.

The mermaid princess smiled inwardly, as she started back home. "Friends."
Kenny was relieved to see Ty Lu smiling as she walked onto shore, no longer a mermaid. The two started back towards civilization. Things between the two seemed different, as Ty Lu walked cheerfully beside him.

"You ok?" he asked a little unsure. Ty Lu nodded and explained what happened. Then, giggling, she bumped into Kenny's side.

"You know that Hakechi means "loser" in mermic," she teased. Kenny gave her a nasty look, and Ty Lu just stuck her tongounge out. Then they both laughed.

Yeah things were just a little bit tenser between them. Too bad good things can't always last.
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Chapter 8-Just My Luck

"Hey Bunny."

"Hey Izou.*(1)"

"I wish you'd stop calling me that," Kenny said, sitting opposite Ty Lu. It was morning and the pair were sitting on a picnic table outside the school. Ty Lu just smiled.

"R'sat nul veist Sillne, Izou(2)."

Kenny gave the mermaid a look and Ty Lu continued to grin.

"Not my fault that you don't speak mermic," Ty Lu told him, taking out a metal box. "Although I must admit it's funnier to use it."

"Well you are getting better. Have you been spending time with Arsei?" asked Kenny, referring to the princess who came from where Ty Lu was suppose to be born. It was called the Sven(3) Kingdom and located in a mermaid reigon called Ras'nel Y's Ill(4) which meant 'From the Voice'. Apparently the mermaid there are descendants of the Sirens. Kenny wasn't totally sure.

"Umh," Ty Lu muttered as she opened the box. Kenny leaned across the table and saw scales, a coral pendant, a garnet headpiece and a shiny orb-pearl thing.

"Making something?"

Ty Lu shook her head. "Oojo-sama**(a) said to use these to help me with my powers."

"These things can help you?"

The mermaid shrugged. She didn't really know. She trusted Kafir, Arsei's brother and prince of her kingdom. Yet looking at the objects, Ty Lu wasn't so sure.

"Hey did you dye your hair?"

Ty Lu looked up from the box to her friend sitting across from her and blinked. She touched her hair and nodded.

"Why does it look bad?"

Ty Lu's once brown hair was dyed black, the color that her hair remained throughout Sylan. It was as black as the abyss in the sea and lusterous. Many mermaids hair were like that. A seemingly impossible hair color to match. Ty Lu also allowed her hair to grow and it now reached her waist. With her long, imhumanly glossy black hair, deep blue eyes(if they weren't blue, they are now!), pale skin and sleek, athletic built, Kenny could tell she was a mermaid. He shook his head, not sure what to say at first.

"Ty Lu you're looking more like a mermaid everyday."

Ty Lu's eyes lit up at the comment and she beamed at Kenny. "Really?" she asked breathlessly.

Kenny nodded. Ty Lu ran a hnad through her long hair and didn't notice the pain and guilt that flashed through his eyes.

"So eventually you'll have to join them and leave the dry land," the teleporter said sadly.

Ty Lu paused and reached her hand across the table to place it on Kenny's.

"Hey I may be a mermaid, but I would never abandon you. You are my terra frater(b)."

Kenny looked at their hands, then to the concerned Ty Lu. He swallowed and opened his mouth to speak. Just then the bell rang. Ty Lu sighed and withdrew her hand. Packing up, Kenny cursed himself for not being able to tell her the truth.

"Bye Bunny."

"Later Izou."


"Hey Ty. Looking good!"

Ty Lu just sighed as she sat down in science class. Her friend Mckenize Byruns was chatting away besides her. The redhead was a known chatterbox, but Ty Lu never really mind. She was quiet mostly at school, so being around someone who would talk most of the time was a relief most of the time.

The mermaid was only half listening when she heard Mckenize say something that sent a jolt through her body.


"I said 'It's sad that Kenny's leaving.' He was so cute too," the girl said. Her expression became worried and she realized why Ty Lu looked shocked. "He didn't tell you?"

The girl could only shake her head. No, Kenny didn't tell her and it stung. I mean they were best friends. To know he was moving away from someone else. Ty Lu felt tears well in her eyes.

"Ah Ty, don't be upset. I'm sure he meant to tell you," Mckenize said, giving Ty Lu's shoulder an encouraging shake.

Ty Lu could only nod, her mind still spinning from the news. She remained this way through the rest of the school day. She felt like any moment she would burst into tears. Once the bell rang, signaling the ending of school, Ty Lu raced from the building to Kenny's house.

When she got there she saw that the house looked empty. It seemed she had missed them. Ty Lu began to cry the tears that she held in all day long.

"Why Kenny? Why did you leave your mare sanctimonialis(c)?"

Suddenly Ty Lu felt a pair of arms wrap around her. A fimilar scent of ash wood and cut grass filled her nose and she knew who it was immeditately. She hugged the person back, hoping that she wasn't just imagining thing.


"Ty Lu why are you crying," he asked pulling away. His face was a mix of emotions, the major ones being amusement and worry. Ty Lu hit him, for looking amused. He only grinned back.

"I'm crying because you're leaving me, you idiot!"

Kenny's face soften and he nodded. "I'm sorry. I meant to tell you, but things got too busy and I couldn't find time. Besides you seemed so happy with everything that I didn't want to upset you."

"But why are you leaving?"

"My parents found new jobs," he said in a quiet voice. Kenny now looked like he might cry and the boy bit his lip. "I don't want to go, but I have to. I'm only thirteen after all."

"I love you Kenny. You are truely my terra frater."

"I love you too," he told her, kissing her forehead, "my mare sanctimonialis." Then he laughed. "That's one mermic word I know at least."

"Will you come back to me?"

Kenny nodded seriously. "Of course I will, but for now I have to go. Goodbye Ty Lu."

"Until we meet again Kenny."

*-This isn't a translation, but an explanation. Anything with a number after it is my own made-up langauge mermic. It is used in everyday mermaid speak. It is also used during arguements, fights, when insulting someone and the like. It is also used to describe a mermaid's home or any place associated with mermaids.

(1)-Izou means basically jerk or close to that. Ty Lu called Kenny that because she hates the nickname Bunny.

(2)-"R'sat nul veist Sillne, Izou." roughly translates to "But it's funny to mock you, Jerk."

(3)-Sven means Salt water.

(4)-Ras'nel Y's Ill as you already know means From the Voice, referring the the Sirens.

**-Another explanation. Mermaids(mostly older/wiser/royalty) use the more older langauge of the mermaids which is a mixture of Japanese, Latin, Greek and French. It is also used as proper titles(like Oojo-sama) or when talking about someone who you do not know well(like maigo). Not many regular younger mermaids use it alot.

(a)-Ooji-sama(Japanese) means prince. Ty Lu was calling Kafir by his royal title.

(b)-Terra frater(Latin) means land brother. Ty Lu called Kenny this to show their closeness. Most mermaids have not had contact with humans for a long time, so the word is in the original latin still.

(c)-mare sanctimonialis(Latin) means seas sister. It is possible that either Ty Lu or Arsei taught him this word and it's Kenny's way of showing his closeness to Ty Lu.
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PostSubject: Re: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:37 pm

Chapter 9-How not to control one's powers

"Kafir do my emotions control my powers at all?"

The mermaid prince looked at the young girl. Over time both he and his sister had grown close to the Fengkir(1). She was both intriguing and disgusting to the prince. He could also tell she came from the ευγενής(a) from her more seductive appearance and soothing voice. In mermaid form, Ty Lu's pale skin looked sleek and smooth. Her long black hair was like dark seaweed in the water. Ty Lu had binded her chest in a dark purple wrap. Her tail was long and a dark green in color. Some of the scales seemed to be blue and they shimmered as she moved. She was very beautiful in both human and mermaid standards.

"Yes. If one hasn't train well with them or any young, inexperience mermaids, their emotions can. Say is a Swe'äccu(2) got mad at his parent. The water may begin to boil or if a ευγενής was extremely happy they might start singing without noticing," he told her as they leaped through the waves. "Maigos(b) also go through it too because they are unaware at first."

Ty Lu thought about it. She remembered two specific occasions when her anger had caused troubled. She was just in ninth grade, barely fourteen, so it made sense she wouldn't be in good control over her powers.

"Why do you ask?"

"I was just wondering," Ty Lu replied innocently. "So where is Arsei?"

"Hime-imooto-san(c) is studying. She says she is sorry she could not be here."

Ty Lu nodded, then dove under. She twirled around in the water, loving the way if felt as it passed over her skin. Ty Lu felt a freedom that she never had on land. The mermaid in her was rejoicing in being home, while the smaller, but still present humanized part of her couldn't wait to be back basking under the sun while the grass tickled her skin.

The young teen began dancing in the water, expressing joy, sorrow, and worry all through her movements. Kafir watched the girl dance in awe. Her movements were carefree, but they were filled with passion. The prince felt both drawn to her and repulsed by the idea of even touching her.

"N'ett evIñäg Salyk n-ain-yét(3)."

"Oynal tuv yy-alû Salyk Kafir(4)."

Kafir looked to see his sister beside him along with a silver haired mermaid whom he was engaged too. She was clearly of Siren descendant, but she wasn't really powerful or what most people thought of a queen should be. Kafir wasn't really looking forward to their marriage, but it wasn't their choice.

"Oojo-sama you really do not believe that this young maigo is my Sevillwed(5)?"

Arsei nodded. The girl smiled slightly.

"Does it mean our marriage is over Ooji-sama? If so, I will take my leave at once."

She went off before Kafir could respond. Arsei smiled at her brother.

"You should be happy to find her. She may be young and human-like, but I feel Ty Lu is special."

Ty Lu noticed that Arsei was here and danced over to her.

"Hey Arsei! Isn't it a great day?"

The mermaid nodded, amused by Ty Lu's pure joy.

"Hello Ty Lu. It is a great day indeed. Especially for my onii-san(d)."

Ty Lu didn't know what Arsei was implying, so she just kept spinning.

"Will you dance with me?"

"No," Arsei said, sadly. "I must return home." She glanced sideway at her brother and smirked. "But I'm sure Kafir will dance with you."

Kafir protested but Arsei just kept smiling and ran off. Ty Lu grabbed Kafir by the hands, shocking the poor boy.

"Will you dance with me, my Ooji-sama?"

Kafir was speechless. The mermaid's hands felt smooth and warm in his strong ones. Her pleading look was cute and it almost made him cry yes he would. Kafir bit his tongue, not wanting to admit the attraction to her. She was a humanized mermaid after all! It was ridiculous.
Yet it felt right to him too. The feeling caused him to nod.

Ty Lu beamed when Kafir nodded. She had always liked and admired Kafir, just as she had Arsei. She was glad the juene roi(e) was her friend.

The dance they did made no sense, not only because Kafir never really danced before. There was no pattern or purpose to their moves. It was like they were dancing by themselves and just happened to be in the same place. Yet it was a dance filled with secret words. Their secret desires animated by their bodies. Kafir and Ty Lu both lost themselves to a phantom melody. It was almost as if their ancestors were singing in praise and delight for them.

The two stopped after what seemed like an hour, though Ty Lu felt it had gone by too soon. Kafir was tired, but the young mermaid seemed filled with energy still. She also felt a kind of naughty for dancing with Kafir, for he was engaged and a prince. Someone far above her and unattainable.

"You are a good dancer," she told him shyly. Ty Lu blushed which looked pretty on her pale skin. Kafir just smiled, causing Ty Lu to blush harder.

Kafir decided then that he would have to accept she was his Sevillwed. He didn't like it and knew she wasn't ready yet, but it was true.

"Come, my little perle(f). I want to show you something."

Ty Lu nodded and followed him as he led her through the coral reefs. All the life among it was fascinating to her. She giggled and twirled as the fish and other life watched her.

"Tvù slluo jæni lizä(6)," she whispered. They responded by swimming around her or reaching out to touch the playful mermaid. As she raced through the coral her long black hair fanned out behind her making a black, silk blanket.

Finally the two sea creatures reached an open area. Ty Lu gasped when she saw what was in it.

"Kafir, it's beautiful," she said breathlessly.

In the open area there were about four buildings that rose out of the dark water. They all about three stories and were different shapes and colors. Sea creatures swam around them although the building were not made of coral.

"These are buildings where Fengkirs stay before being integrated into mermaid society," Kafir explained.

"So I will stay here eventually," Ty Lu asked, already excited.

Kafir looked at her as if he was trying to find the answer by studying her. Ty Lu felt uncomfortable again, trying hard not to turn away from his gaze.

"No," he responded after a minute or so of staring at her. "You will not have to."

Ty Lu was confused and she thought that maybe she wouldn't be allowed to live in her Kingdom. Ty Lu panicked at the thought of being rejected by her people and was near crying.

"Do not worry. You will be allowed home child."

Not Ty Lu was confused. She looked at Kafir, hoping for an explanation.

"Let's talk more in here," he suggested, when he saw two mermaids coming. It felt bad to be sneaking around(especially with a maigo), but the prince didn't want a scene or to be interrupted.

The two went into one of the buildings. The room was a bedroom and it's beauty matched the outside. Ty Lu flopped down on the bed and waited for Kafir to explain.

Instead he stood by the door, looking nervous. Ty Lu could tell he was struggling with something.

"Kafir is everything ok?"

Suddenly he was in front of her looking serious and a bit nervous still. Ty Lu began to feel hot and the desire to flee engulfed her. But Kafir's intense stare was hypnotizing and she couldn't bring herself to move.

"My Sevillwed. My precious Sevillwed," he whispered. Ty Lu felt strangely dumb, not understanding the word. "I have found you. You are young and different from a common mermaid. This is mainly because you are a Fe-maigo, but I sense something else too. You will be a perfect Regina(g) for our people."

The teen immediately knew what Regina meant and it made her squirm. This scene wasn't right. She must be dreaming or something. It seemed the only rational idea and what happened next only encouraged that Ty Lu was making it up.

Kafir cupped one of her cheeks then moved down to kiss her. It was a soft, hesitant kiss like Kafir was unsure, but when Ty Lu kissed him back he grew more confident in his descion.

When he pulled back, a mischievous smile was on this face. Ty Lu's face was beet red. She felt like she would just melt.

"But you're engaged," she muttered, still dazed.

"No you are my Sevillwed. I am no longer attached to Tayo Musin(7)."

Ty Lu shook her head. "I do not understand."

Kafir looked over Ty Lu with a curious expression. She could still feel her cheeks burn.

"That's strange, but not too uncommon. Your mind is subconsciously blocking certain things from you."

Ty Lu nodded, though she still didn't get it.

"Anyways it is getting late. You must return to land." Kafir kissed her gently again. "Go but whenever you need me, jus call my name. I'll come."


"He WHAT?!"

"Kenny stop yelling!"

Ty Lu was back home. She had taken the phone into her room, glad her two step-sisters had lives. Her step-mother was busy. so Ty Lu could talk all she wanted. Her step-brothers never really used the landline. Kenny said his parents could care less and he was an only child too. So Ty Lu felt safe to tell him what happened with Kafir.

"Sorry it's just....just..."

"Weird," Ty Lu suggested.


"Hey you're not the one he kissed."

"Mo I mean you being his Sevillwed. It's something I couldn't see, no offense."

"None taken since I don't know what it means. What does it mean by the way?"

There was a pause and Ty Lu bit her lip. It was more than a little embarrassing for a mermaid to ask a human to tell her a mermic word.

"You don't know?"

"No," she said slightly hesitant. "Do you?"

"That's weird, but don't worry about it. Hold on."

Ty Lu listened as Kenny moved about his house. After a minute or two she heard ruffling of papers. The Kenny let out a noise that sounded like "Aha!" Ty Lu smiled to herself and waited for Kenny to speak.

"Ok I found all the info about the word. Sevillwed literally translates to Water Bride. They were women who's husband drowned at sea and so they commited suicide in a similar manner."

"Huh?" Ty Lu raised an eyebrow. Kafir called her a dead human bride?

"The word was adopted by the mermaids who use it to describe their King's destined bride. A destined husband is called Tuvringlet(g)." There was another pause and when Kenny spoke he sounded amazed. "Ty Lu Kafir said that you are his destined bride. You are meant to marry him."

Ty Lu swore she was have dropped the phone if she wasn't frozen stiff. It was a numbing feeling and she sat down. She was suppose to marry Kafir? It wasn't real, but a strange voice in the back of her mind told her it was true.

"Ty Lu are you ok?"

"I'm fine. Just a little shocked. I'm only fourteen, but I'm already going to get married."

"Well he won't marry you now. But when the time comes, you'll be much older(well technically two years older) and you'll be able to sense it somehow."

"I don't know."


Ty Lu sighed when she spotted Red Riding Hood and her crew coming over. They still decided to make Ty Lu their target of their harassment. Sneezles had died or something and was replaced with a short girl with thick brown hair. Ty Lu called her Twitch because like every five seconds she would twitch.

"Hey look. It's my favorite victim Ty Loser!" Red cried.

"And it's my favorite bully, Slutty Sarah!(her real name being Sarah Sterlin)."

"You talking back Fallon," Owl asked, getting into Ty Lu's face.

"Maybe," she replied.

"Heh heh. Fallon is going to get beat for that," Twitch squeal with pleasure. She looked like a tiny, twitchy mouse.

"So go ahead and hit me Sarah," Ty Lu said a little cocky that the three wouldn't start a fight in the cafeteria. "Sure would look good on your record."

"Shut it Ty Loser!" Red snapped. "Or I will punch your lights out."

"Yeah right." Still Ty Lu felt her adrenaline flow. She could also strangely feel all the water in the area.

Red Riding Hood balled up her fist and lashed out, but Ty Lu easily dodged it. She pushed Red into Owl and began to walk away. Twitch hissed "Freak" at her, and Ty Lu felt herself snap. Out of all the insulting names she had, that was the one she hated the most. She spun around and glared down at Twitch.

"What did you say?"


And just like before all the water sources exploded. The pipers, the water bottles. Anything that had water in it, excluding humans. Ty Lu looked at the destruction and frowned.

"Not again..."

(1)-Fengkir means Two tailed. It's an insulting term for any humanized mermaid.

(2)-Swe'äccu means a young child, usually used when talking about a young male.

(3)-"N'ett evIñäg Salyk n-ain-yét." Kafir was saying that he couldn't be attracted to her, "It's impossible for an attraction like this."

(4)-"Oynal tuv yy-alû Salyk Kafir." Arsei was saying that maybe he was attracted to Ty Lu, "Maybe you are attracted Kafir."

(5)-Sevillwed as you already know means Water Bride. The mermaids use it to describe their King's destined bride, a mermaid who is high in rank and powerful. Tuvringlet means Sea Man and is used in the same way only for a husband.

(6)-"Tvù slluo jæni lizä." Ty Lu said "Come play my friends" to draw the fish and such to her.

(7)-Tayo Muslin is what

(a)-ευγενής(Greek) translates to noble. Nobles are mermaids who are almost pureblood Sirens(from that Kingdom at least)

(b)-Maigo(Japanese) translates to lost child. I know it was used before to describe Ty Lu, but I felt like putting the meaning up anyways. It's a nicer way to describe a humanized mermaid.

(c)-Hime-imooto-san(Japanese) translates to princess younger sister. Hime(or at least that's what Princess Resurrection says) means princess in Japanese(just like Oojo-sama) and imooto-san means younger sister. Kafir was just calling Arsei both princess and his little sister.

(d)-Onii-san(Japanese) translates to big brother.

(e)-Juene roi(French) translates to young king. So instead of calling Kafir prince, Ty Lu used that instead.

(f)-Perle(French) translates to pearl. Kafir was calling Ty Lu his pearl(aww).

(g)-Regina(Latin) translates to Queen. It is the same in Spanish too, but that's not important....
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Chapter 10-An Awkward Car Ride

Ty Lu looked at her foster mother. Then down to the pamphlet that sat on the table between them. After the incident in the cafeteria, her foster mother had decided to send her away to Sylan. Ty Lu couldn't understand why.

"But Mrs. Fallon," Ty Lu whined. She never called her foster mother mom. It felt too weird. "You can't really think I should be sent to a boarding school?"

"Ty Lu please be reasonable," Melissa Fallon replied. She was tired of Ty Lu's whining about the decision. "First off what you did was wrong. You destroyed an entire cafeteria. And I know that the claims were never proven," she said quickly as the teenager opened her mouth to speak. "But it's pretty obvious that it was you behind it, though I don't know how you did it.

"Secondly, Sylan is a school for trouble kids. It's to help separate the child from their environment which had caused them to act out. Besides I think it will be good for you to be sent there. You don't seem to fit in here. The only friend you had was that creepy Kenny kid."

Ty Lu remained silent, but she was fuming inside. The mermaid just couldn't understand why it seemed like a good idea. Besides it was far away from here. She would be even farther from Kenny and more importantly Kafir. She didn't want that at all. But there was no use fighting with her foster mother. Like she said before there was no winning against the woman.

“Fine I’ll go pack.”
Ty Lu sat nervously in the car. She could feel her foster mother glance at her every so often. She said felt because she was staring out the window for most of the ride. It was raining hard and without Melissa seeing, she played around with the water on the window. She had just made a smiley face, when her foster mother spoke-her voice clear and right to the point.

“How did you do it?”

“Do what,” Ty Lu asked sheepishly. She knew what she was talking about of course.

“Don’t play dumb with me Ty Lu. You know I am talking about the incident in the cafeteria. Now how did you do it?”

“I...I,” Ty Lu tried to think of an explanation that wasn’t, “Well I’m a mermaid and I have these powers over water. I got really mad in the cafeteria and because my powers aren’t well trained, I made all the water explode. Kafir said that’s normal for a maigo. Oh yeah by the way, I’m kind of, sort of engaged to him.” No she wasn’t about to say anything close to that. So she said what best she could. “It’s hard to explain and you won’t believe me anyways.”

She heard her foster mother inhale sharply, since her forehead was still against the cool glass. She turned her head slightly and saw that she looked mad.

'Oh great. Now I’m going to get lecture or something on the entire car ride there. My life sucks.’

But her foster mother didn’t lecture her. She said something about tampering with the water pipes, but then she had this look of confusion and curiosity. Ty Lu sense it could only lead to disaster. Which technically it did.

“How did you mess with the water bottles?”


“You heard me. I understand tampering with the water pipes and it getting backed up and exploding. But I don’t understand why the water bottles all exploded too. You couldn’t have put anything in all of them.”

Ty Lu was silent. She couldn’t tell her step mother the truth, but her tone was hard to resist. She didn’t sound too mad at her and Ty Lu was dying to tell someone else about her secret besides Kenny. And she was her foster mother after all. It would be ok to tell her...right?

The mermaid took a deep breath and then in a rush she cried, “I’m a mermaid!”

There was an awkward silence for a while. It seemed the air between the two of them grew stiller and stiller with each passing moments. After what seemed like an hour(but probably was a few minutes) she spoke.

“What did you say?”

“I’m a mermaid,” Ty Lu replied unsure. Maybe telling her foster mother the truth wasn’t the right thing after all. Was it too late to take it back?

"That is ridiculous. What kind of an excuse is 'I'm a mermaid?'"

"It's not one," Ty Lu growled, looking at her foster mother now. She wasn't mad she didn't believe her, but to say the idea was ridiculous was a little too far for her. "I am truly a mermaid." Then she faced the windshield and all the water on it came to form on giant puddle on the glass. Her foster mother gasped and Ty Lu was afraid she was going to lose control of the car. But they didn't crash(though they did slow down).

"I don't understand it, but never the less, what you did was wrong. I want the whole story now Ty Lu."

And so she told her. Of course she left out the part about Kafir and her being engaged. Learning her foster daughter was a mythical sea creature was hard enough. To know she was engaged at fourteen to what seemed to be a 20 something mermaid prince would be a little too much.

Speaking of a 20 something mermaid prince, Ty Lu realized that Kafir had no idea that she was off. She watched as the view of the ocean started to disappear and she began to panic.

"Please stop the car."



Her foster mother slammed on the brakes and Ty Lu opened her car door. She heard her foster mother call to her, but she didn't pay any attention to that. Wading out into the water, she began calling Kafir, hoping he would come. After about a minute the mermaid prince appeared.

"Kafir! You did come!"

"I told you I would if you called me," he told her, laughing as she hugged him. She was still in her human form, so it was a little weird, but Kafir didn't mind too much. "Now what is the problem."

Ty Lu told him the story and Kafir listened with a stone face. After she finished she looked at him for some reaction. Finally Kafir spoke.

"Then you must go. You are developing and eventually you will be drawn to the water so much you will finally have to live in it. But for now live your human life. And whatever you do in it, is no concern of mine. You are free to do and be with whoever/whatever you like." Then he kissed her. Ty Lu watched sadly as she began to leave. As she turned to go she heard.

"But just remember when the time for our wedding comes I'll call to you."
Ty Lu shifted uncomfortably in the car. They were near the school and Ty Lu was anxious to see it. She also wanted to avoid her foster mother's question about why she suddenly had to "go for a swim". Finally the school was in sight. Ty Lu looked at the buildings and she felt that whatever was coming next for her she would be prepared for it. After all she lived on the streets, got kicked out of school twice and learned she was a mermaid and getting married to the soon-to-be King of her kingdom. Nothing else could be bigger than that.

Little did she know what was about to come.
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PostSubject: Re: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:12 pm

Finally Very Happy I was hoping you would bring this back. Still looking forward to the upcoming chapters.
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PostSubject: Re: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:35 pm

I am working on them. I couldn't let this die. So the next chapter should be posted soon.
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PostSubject: Re: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:44 pm

Hey, hey, hey. I AM going to finish this. The next three chapters are currently being hand-written. They are:

Kenny Returns: Not the Best Reunion: It's about well Kenny coming to Sylan and well his and Ty Lu's reunion isn't quite how they imagine it.

Creating the Unwanted: The Unwanted finally rears it's pretty head. This is where Kenny and Ty Lu come up with the idea for the Unwanted (mainly Ty Lu).

Convincing Alice: They don't want to make the Unwanted alone and Kenny has a feeling this girl in his gym class isn't quite human.
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PostSubject: Re: So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}   

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So I'm a monster? Now I can make them pay. {An Unwanted Story PG13}
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